Brown proposes £60bn climate fund

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DeltaDog, Jun 26, 2009.

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  2. Where is he getting the cash from?
  3. Didn't you hear, according to Mr Brown were in the best position of any country to ride the recession out, and well soon have loads of money sloshing about :roll:
  4. Money's just paper tickets with some serial numbers and stuff on it. We can always print more.
  5. What about the rich countries?

    In 10 years time we will have to resource one third of our power supply (either by building new power stations or adding renewable generation that will require a £5 billion investment in the National Grid for the equivalent), and we'll be dependent on Russia for 80% of our gas. We're fecked, along with the poor bstards in Bangladesh.

    I went to a talk yesterday by Maxwell Irvine, who said that the 'utilities' intended to put up a ring of powerstations around London, as it was cheaper to plug in to the National Grid. How were they going to get the power to the rest of the country? Turns out it is the responsibility of the Treasury. Furthermore, all this hyped push to get homes to cut energy by 20%, translates to only 5-6% of the power that went in to the electricity generation. We are the only country in the world that wastes 66% of it's power through cooling towers and other means. And the only country in the world who thought building graphite core nuclear powerstations was a good idea, even though it meant that they had a lifetime that was half as long as the water based ones. Then BNFL invent a brilliant new nuclear power station, and the Government force it's sale to Toshiba. The only people controlling the commissioning and building of nuclear power in the UK are Japanese and French. The British Governments of the last 2 decades are the very definition of myopia.

    At current rates of extraction, most oil/gas fields will be empty in 20-30 years, except the Iraq/Kuwait one, which has about 80 years to run. The Norwegians (who share their field with Russia) made a law to run their country on hydroelectric/tidal power only, sat on the oil, and now sell it to the highest bidder while paying modest domestic electricity prices. Indeed, we've just signed a deal with them. What did we do with ours? Government policy meant that we bled it dry in a matter of decades. We should be very ashamed.

    (Although I do feel better for that rant).
  6. Milsum suggesting myopia... shush that so off message dontcha know, beside im sure Brown will sort this out with his magic beans
  7. Typical of the idiot. Gordons all concerned about the carbon foot prints of other countries. Meanwhile back in the UK his own country is on the verge of becoming a fifth rate banana republic thanks to his dreadful economic mismanagement.

    Still, gives him another excuse to fcuk a few extra taxes on us plebs I suppose!
  8. How does this fit in with the growing consensus that we're heading for a COOLING period, possibly lasting for a few decades?
  9. The man is a prize cnut. :evil:
  11. So the one eyed lunatic is going to pish away more of our money on a half baked tinpot bollox of a theory?
    Fooking lunatic
  12. Oh god, not this shite again. :roll:
    That would be the growing consensus that you plucked out of your arrse, would it?
  13. So that's what passes for scientific debate these days then?
  14. I don't know, still smells of shite, and you're the one who's always asking for peer-reviewed documentation.
  15. I don't recall demanding peer-reviewed documentation on the subject, but the jury is definitely still out on which way the climate is heading. It is certainly far too early to be forming £60 Billion funds and upsetting the entire tax structure, based on what is still a theory.