Brown pledges £50bn peace cash

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DrStealth, Nov 1, 2006.

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    and the gravy train rolls on.................................
  2. Not just him though. See Here.

    Howvere for all the power of the Celtic Tiger they either don't have the cash or the interest to match £50bn.
  3. According to Gordon Brown on tonights news that roughly £50,000 per household.

    The whole thing is a thinly veiled, giant sized carrot for Sinn Fein to recognise the PSNI and for them and the DUP to settle their differences prior to the 24th November deadline for restoring devolution.

    Lets wait and see what the various NI parties want to spend it on.....
  4. Oh wonderful.
    The looney Chancellor blows another chunk of my tax money on crap.
    That'll be £1bn on worthwhile projects and £49bn in backhanders and feasability studies.
    He could have left a £1000 in my pocket instead of spending it on bollox thats no use to man nor beast
  5. Remarkable. A government that claims it doesn't deal with terrorists pays £50bn protection money to Sinn Fein/IRA. Just fancy that!
  6. To be fair I think its as much an attempt to buy off the loyalists and placate the unionists.
  7. Fifty billion? Aside from the staggering brazenness of trying to simply buy off both sides to do what they want, just seems like too much to me. Slice it down the middle and give twenty-five billion of it to the military so they can buy something worthwhile and that's still five grand a house in bribe money for Northern Ireland. Whether the MoD would actually buy anything worthwhile is another debate.
  8. FFS all those prods and taigs need to be put back on the dole.
  9. be great if our government could stop wasting money... and start funding the NHS and the forces reasonably
  10. What? And spend money on the people who pay their Taxes, uphold the law and don't plant bombs... What a novel idea!!
  11. ... and dont forget that over the thirty years + of the troubles, government has spent less on the province of Northern Ireland than on any other district/region of the United Kingdom!

    Investment is needed to bring it into line with the rest of the UK

    and the £50 bn is not a lump sum, it is spread over a elongated period of time.

    there is a need for investment into roads, housing, schools etc to the good and benefit of the law abiding citizens of NI. the minute minority of scum who cause trouble will beneift - but so too will the vast majority of ordinary folk!!

    take the blinkers off!!
  12. Having had a days worth of news and analysis on subject to digest it appears that only £2.5 billion could actually be considered to be over and above what was projected to be spent in NI under "normal" circumstances.
  13. which just goes to prove that you should never trust a smiling politician!
  14. Any thoughts on where this money will come from? Well, once the NI Army and Air Force presence is stood down, where do you think that "saving" will go?
  15. That isn't my understanding of the situation in NI; I know four families who have specifically decided to settle in NI because the schools and hospitals are considerably better than the mainland.

    On the schools' side, isn't Martin McGuinness trying to dismantle the grammar school education system which is the envy of the rest of the UK (Guardianistas excepted)?

    As Virobono wrote, this is a bung to terrorism. I might just retire to NI as well....