Brown pledges £150m to detect bombs in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stinker, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. So let me understand this correctly;

    £150m of reallocated funds for Afg IED detection over 3 years.

    "Most of the £150 million will come from a reallocation of resources within the Defence Ministry, although the money to be spent on the new devices will be drawn from the emergency contingency reserve."

    £700m for someone elses trees

    "Britain should contribute £700 million over five years."

    £1.5bn for corrupt 3rd world nations to save the planet.

    Good to know that the government prioritises funding to save the lives of service personnel.

    If we redeployed from Afg to the rainforest I'm sure we'd secure better funding.
  2. You know, that bit of shirt showing between the body armour and his belt buckle would make a lovely aiming mark. :twisted:
    Then maybe he would know the meaning of pain.

  3. £10 million to purchase 400 new remote cointrolled vehicles to detect mines (I assume they mean IEDs)

    Is this new money or the money already committed to buying a replacement for the current range of wheelbarrow? As the last fleet of far fewer than 400 cost in region of £15million, more than 10 years ago, we are hardly going to be buying state of the art equipment are we?

    More smoke and mirrors I suspect.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Credit where credit's due; it only took eight years and two IED-intensive conflicts to get to this announcement.
  5. So which project is about to lose £150m then?
  6. Maybe they will bin Tea and Toast off the MPs expenses.
  7. From The Timesonline:

    Jack Reacher wrote:
    Waste of time Brown wearing protection, the Taliban know he will do more damage to the UK and the Britsh army alive!

    Accurate observation there Mr. Reacher.

    Brown's 'announcement' means nothing. He lies like the proverbial NAAFI fork and is as clueless as ever he was before Messrs Mandelson and Campbell returned to the fold in an attempt to salvage the 'sainted' Tony's legacy.
  8. What's he going to do open up another tin of ATO's. I hope the RLC manning desk has been told to conjure up more ATO's in a hurry, not sure how the 6+yrs of training is going to be fastracked though...
  9. One tree lost is a tragedy, a squaddie is just a statistic.

    Welcome to the new world order.
  10. But the article refers to handheld devices:

  11. I quote from BBC News website

    "400 high tech robot mine-detectors"

    As the BBC is the official mouthpiece of the labour party, I stand by my claim - meaningless spin and mis-direction
  12. What do they mean, sticks??
  13. How about 600 odd MPs to do route clearances, that way we get to rid ourselves of them, we remove them from the payroll, and they get to do their bit for the good and benefit of the Afghan people.

    Everyones a winner
  14. Would this reallocation of resources be in any way linked to the PR10 announcement allegedly due this week, that will doubtless utterly shaft all HM Forces procurement outside of HERRICK issues? Or am I just being very cyncial?

    I love the way this money keeps "appearing" - its not new, its just our money being taken elsewhere due to Browns refusal to fund defence properly to do its job.