Brown plans major reshuffle as poll shows Labour faces elect

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockape34, May 31, 2009.

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  1. According to The Scotsman
  2. What makes Brown think any of the LibDems will jump onto his sinking ship?
    The Liberal Democrts have the very real possiblity of moving up a place in Parliamentary ranking, concievably acually in the running for real power in the next parliaments....
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I agree with Jagman Sky news are reporting (or were this morning) that the Lib Dems are ahead of Labour
    So why would they want to jump in with Labour
    If it was me I want to put as much distance between myself and Labour as possible before I was tainted by them
    The Lib Dems are doing all right Vince Cable IMHO is becoming possibly the leading MP in the UK today
    Unfortunately Vince Cable will suffer from "George Best Syndrome"
    He's a great player but I don't know if the rest of the team will be strong enough to propell him to the big stage
  4. It will not be the first occasion that 'mice' have held hands with 'rats', and jumped balefully, and without hope, onto a sinking vessel.
  5. He can reshuffle all he likes - although Brown is the major part of the problem, the fact is, in the game of musical chairs that he is playing, there is just no talent out there to reshuffle, and the Great British Public are only too aware of it.
  6. Having read the times this morning I can't help feeling that Gordon Brown isn't to far akin to a 8 year old child with his fingers in his ears shouting 'na na na na can't hear you'. According to the times this morning Brown is stood by to defy any of his cabinet's efforts to bin him after Thursday's elections. He's also ignoring calls from the general populace for a general election and I quote from the times 'that the public expected him to clean up politics first and defeat the recession.'

    He's living in cloud cuckoo land and I would love to meet these so called 'public' who want him to stay in office and sort everything out first. He just can't take a hint can he?
  7. It would seem not:

    Brown hanging on in there

    At least his predecessor knew when enough was enough. This clown hasn't even got the sense to see that.

    Thursday's results promise to make interesting reading.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    If the Limp Dings are stupid enough to think their election chances will be enhanced by jumping in to bed with McRuin, then let them. I suspect they aren't that stupid however, and once again it's Labliar clutching at straws, not the Limps.

    McRuin can shuffle, and shiffle, and wiffle all the piffle he likes. Him and his party have bankrupted the UK; him and his party have tried very hard to remove all our freedoms; him and his party, whilst taxing us to fcuk and back have had overwatch whilst they removed themselves from the tax equation; during his and Labliar's watch, the parliamentary rules on MP funding have been relaxed massively - and that's why so many MPs had their hands in the till.

    He's got NO chance of winning the next election, and it doesn't matter what he does.
  9. In times past people would often attribute disasters, war, famine, plague etc to deities punishing them for great sins committed. So it begs the question, what great sin did we committ to have Gordon Brown & Co visited upon us?
  10. To paraphrase Andrew Marr's comment yesterday when he interviewed Brown, 'If handed the mess Webley, you'd simply use it on your critics wouldn't you?'.

    IMHO, Brown is seriously mentally ill. I'm not a doctor and the Scouts first aid badge I earned when Baden Powell was still hanging about with young boys didn't require any knowledge of psychiatry. However, I do know several doctors and they're all of the opinion that Brown is cracking up.

    It's quite possible that he has reached the point where he is hearing voices in his head telling him that only he can save the world. He won't go willingly and I know of no way to force him out other than a confidence vote.

    Given Labour's majority, losing a confidence vote would seem to be impossible. However, I heard an interesting comment yesterday. Some Labour party members are of the view that one extra Labour MP will lose their seat for every day that Brown remains in power.

    If that's a widely held view among the PLP, we may yet see Labour turkeys joining with the Tories and voting for an early Christmas.
  11. We let Hadrian's wall fall down.
  12. I wonder when they will lock up Gordon?

  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The problem that Brown faces is that he no longer has anything he can offer disaffected Labour MPs, other than a poisoned chalice. He hasn't the support,energy or creativity to force through anything worthwhile to 'fix' the economy (like huge cuts in public spending, including defence) and Labour MPs know that the longer they are associated with his failing government, the less chance they have of being elected. He has also lost his attack dogs, like Damian McBride, so the his coercive abilities are no longer what they were. I would suggest that the numbers are probably already against him and it only needs a bad local/Euro election result to see the knives really come out.

    But having said that, who would really want to succeed him now? The only prospect for a new Labour leader is 10 months in office followed by an electoral massacre. William Hague is one of the most able people in politics, yet he screwed his chance of the top job by succeeding Major in 1997 when the Tories were still hopelessly in the poo.

    For the good of the country, we probably should have an autumn election but my guess is that Brown will hang on to the bitter end, simply because nobody else in the Labour party would want to lead them into oblivion and he is too hubristic to call an election.
  14. Hes can shuffle the cabinet all he wants.

    He's the problem and whoever he appoints to ministerial position is going to be crap as well.

    They're all just CRAP!
  15. I agree - there is no way he will go - he fought tooth and nail (well backstabbed) his way to get where he is and he isn't going to give it up. And TBH not one single Labour name sticks out as being able to replace him!