Brown plans independent NHS board

Chancellor Gordon Brown is considering a scheme to create an independent board to take day-to-day control of the NHS, should he become prime minister.
His ideas, which he has asked health experts to examine, are central to plans he is said to be considering to devolve power in the public services.

It is not known whether he will refer to the plans at the Labour conference.

The conference will hear other ministers' proposals for an NHS constitution, like the BBC charter.

Under Mr Brown's plans for a devolved NHS board, ministers would be kept at arm's length, their role limited to setting the NHS budget and strategic objectives.
Was it Tony Benn who suggested a cross party comittee to run the NHS so it would stop being torn one way then the other by successive governments?
Hmmm. Tin foil hat time.

An "Independent board" - sounds more like a chance to appoint more cronies to unelected (and extremely well remunerated) positions of power.
What concerned me was ' like the BBC charter'

That should be enough to put anybody off.
Agreed - more cronies and if it is independent, then it cannot be his fault!
As leopards do not change their spots, so control freaks cannot stop fiddling and interfering.
Bliar is an appalling 'leader', but Broon will make him look almost acceptable.

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