Brown planning end game in the Stan?

He needs a major international event, it doesn't matter what it's about. He fluffed Copenhagen with his "50 days to save the Earth" and he needs another photo op with Barry.
Is he deploying the Brecon hand?


He must be feeling guilty with all that blood on his hands.
He was the guy who thourght he knew it all.
This is the guy who will be out of power in 6 months!!
I hope this little "know it all" is haunted by his actions for the rest of his life. :twisted: :twisted:


I heard him on the radio and heard exit strategy, handover and even the word Afghanization (see Vietnamization for the story of how successful that was!)

Seemed oddly like we had gone back four years and he was talking about how to spin our way out of Basra 'acceptable governance, capable security apparatus, no threat to neighbours, not a safe haven for terrorists.'

The Govt has cast Afghan adrift, they now need to wait a 'decent' interval before we retreat to a series of COB lites and then skulk away. I give it three years.
He'll be gone before it's over, so that's his end game, securing his pension.

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