Brown Parade Shoes (Female)

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by joby, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. I am seriously stuggling to get hold of a pair of Brown Service Dress/ FAD shoes. My SQMS has advised that Officers do not get them issued and hasn't been forthcoming with any information on where I may obtain a pair.

    Google searches are proving fruitless where the colour Brown is concerned.

    Is there anyone out there who can assist a damsel in distress? The shoes are required for a 'Freedom of the City' parade next month. If anyone has a pair lying around I am a 7M and would be prepared to part with some hard earned cash......
  2. Crikey poppy...them's muckle expensive shoon!

    Try somebody like British Military Surplus or Silverman's - who have lady women officeress footwear for £80 sovs, which is half the price of Sanders.

    As an aside - Wellingtons at £250? Bugger me. My first pair of mess wellies cost £70 - boxed for spurs etc. That's inflation for you!
  3. Gulp.....I was thinking of under £40!

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated including 2nd hand shoes (which will already be bulled. yippee).
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Have you asked for a copy of the JSP where this is stated? Sounds like someone is being lazy...
  5. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    If you chop your toes off you can have my wife's old shoes (5-6). For some reason she won't wear them now she's left and insists on having expensive civilian ones that don't last.
  6. Ridiculous woman! I wear my service dress shoes - which were issued in 1983 - for clumpy outside doorsy activities and they do perfectly well. They are on their third lower tier but over nigh on thirty years that doesn't seem excessive...I also use my original issue gloves, brown, officers for "best" as they are rather well-made and comfy.
  7. I have a vision of you as the Major out of Faulty Towers.

  8. Try and find a WO1 with the same sized feet as you and get her to draw them from the clothing stores! Failing that, order a pair from the stores yourself and get your wallet out.

    I needed some this time last year - but when I was told by the storebloke I'd be kissing off £120 for what looked like shite, I went and bought a pair of Loakes for £80 and they've bulled up a treat.
  9. I thought that Officers could get shoes through the system but had to pay for them. As has been said previously maybe the SQMS needs to re-examine the situation.
  10. I have asked my SQMS to order them through the system and then bill me........I await in anticipation, failing that I will be wearing the black shoes I got from ebay for a tenner!
    Can't believe how much hassle this has been, I have been asking for the last year to no avail (I was originally told I had to wait for FAD to be issued, now the story is 'you are an Officer')!

    It was never this much trouble when I was a Regular, I think I had 2 pairs of the bloomin things.
  11. You should have seen the bolleaux I went through in FI when my blokes were clearing the trenches on wireless ridge post conflict. I ordered dubbin for water proofing their boots with and received a signal from Donnington advising me that "black boot polish was available from the NAAFI" TWATS That is all.

  12. Serves you right for applying common sense to the G4 system.
  13. Really? I was thinking more OJ Simpson!
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  14. I was issued black Oxfords & George boots in the Cav, then when transferring to the TA was issued Officers' shoes in brown as the old ones didn't fit the new dress regs. The former footwear is still going strong after 21 years.

    The maker is Sanders, so they might be expensive but they're bombproof...