Brown May Loosen U.K. Ties to Bush

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 11, 2007.

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  1. Absolutely agree

  2. Rather agree

  3. Do not care

  4. Level of relation should remain unchanged

  5. Relations must be closer


    Do you agree that new British PM should distance himself from pres.Bush?
  2. My guess is there'll be a mad rush for the door as the world and his wife put as much distance as possible between themselves and Broon.

    Incidentally, is there still time for Tone to sign a Treaty with Europe before Broon gets the keys to No 10?
  3. He should not replace Tony as Bush's butt plug, but if we do move away from the US we must not do so just to reposition ourselves closer to any sort of european confederation.

    There are real economic and political dangers to going it alone, but we did pretty well for centuries and we can do again.
  4. Actually Sergey the wording of the poll is somewhat simplistic. I think many of us would prefer to see UK taking a more self-centred stand on the international scene. We will always be friends of the US but sometimes the best friend is the one who tells you you can't have another drink!

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  5. Do we want a HOVIS for a PM.....that the question!!!!
  6. Yes, Rickshaw-major. I thought about 'the UK should be more independent but anyway a close US ally'. But this option is too lengthy and is very close to 'Rather agree'.

    5 have voted and all 5 options were used. Maybe, indeed there are too few possibilities. What about 'the UK must prepare to be 51st state' option? It's possible that one our friend could vote for this option.
  8. I thought Brown was fairly pro US? certainly a lot of jaunts over there in his capacity as Chancellor. Or perhaps he was just collecting airmiles,he's a frugal Scotsman,after all.
  9. Rather than 'Yo Blair' I'd be surprised if anyone in the Bush administration will either know or care who Broon is.
  10. Given that his reputation is for slightly more left-leaning instincts, I doubt the current administration will dust off the best china. Of course, in my more tinfoil-coutured moments, I might think that's the reason behind Meacher standing, to make him look more centrist.

    His speech formally announcing his candidacy didn't hold out much hope for the lefties, though. Much talk of 'continuing' and 'renewal'. Does that mean he's already doing his Kegels for when he next flies Stateside?
  11. I wouldn't be surprised to see increasing loosening of ties. After all he turned up at the Mansion House in a lounge suit and if the "leader" of the Tories can be seen in a suit but without one...well and people wonder why the country is in the state it's in.