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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ladyboy, Oct 1, 2004.

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  1. Hi Arrse
    I have been directed to this site by a pal in another unit. can anyone give others and myself some proper direction on a subject that has been rumoured around the guys n girls of our unit since the last round of defence cuts were announced by Hoon. The topic of forced redundancies have come up and the dreaded Brown letter in the same conversation by some of the old sweats. I do remember seeing something in the papers or TV, some weeks ago but paid no attention to it. However since this rumour mill has started others and I have approached the RAO on the subject but no one is willing to commit themselves on exactly what will happen, even our OC wont comment on this matter and wants to distance himself when its mentioned.
    Can someone please tell us why Officers run a mile when asked about the Brown letter. and what should we look out for, if we get it? do we have a choice to say feck off and redress it? I have set my hart on a career in the Army and its very worrying, what with the new pension plan coming up next year and the hints that changing to it will be yet another rip off. One more thing the new pension and brown letters have been mentioned in the same context
    Thanks for any help
  2. Ladyboy,

    at the moment all anybody knows is there will be changes. What you will have to do is wait and see what comes your way. Part of it depends on what trade you are and how long you have served.

    Most folks don't have a clue what is happening or what may happen. Old TCH probably doesn't either :roll:
  3. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    When considering any new financial initiative, consider this...

    Do you think that the government would ever introduce a new pension scheme that meant they had to pay out more money rather than less?

  4. Ladyboy don't worry yourself Brown letters have not been used since April 02, about the same time it was exposed in the press. the reason for this is that some smartARRSE thought they could cut corners on the policy to save time & Money, this as always will prove to be more costly to them. Both ministers and Officers do not the political will to use it for the foreseeable future and caplin & ingram has stated that MCPs will not be used in the next 18 months time however that will end around the same time the new pension scam comes into force.
    My advice its not to worry to much, there will soon to be a very damming court case that will result in heads rolling. and then a group action to follow, now numbering over 1400 members.

    If unexpectedly you are asked to see your CO and to sign a Warning chit and amendment to Terms of service at the same time, refuse to sign it get a redress in ASAP and seek legal help from a guy called Tom Reah at the same time.
    the web site below will help you if you have further questions or just want advice or contact numbers :wink:
    good luck
  5. Yes - for MPs and ministers! :evil:
  6. they would never do that :lol:
  7. Thanks for advice and links I posted on the other site but have had no reply as yet. Not sure about a redress if it takes 4 years. 8O
  8. It's always worth pitching in a redress. if it happens often enough, they'll start thinking twice about pulling our plonkers with this shabby, cost-cutting scam. Don't be complacent, MCP has not gone away. it's only sleeping until the beancounters figure the media has lost interest. Then lying cnuts like the flute-playing, oxygen-thief Ingram will reiintroduce it like a chav burglar in the night.8)
  9. Don't count on it Clamore, when the 1st case gets to court it will be made public just what these lying cnut are capable of doing to soldiers and their familys, just to save browns money. Once the new pension scam comes into force there will be no need to use it as there will be no imediate pension after 22 years. :roll:
    However if there is a need to slim manning levels "again" without having to pay costly redundancys, the tw*t would try :evil: but not if the press find out first :twisted:
  10. Shandyswiller,

    I've read his posts to the Para website. Suspicious. I'd give him a wide berth. I may be wrong, but he comes across like a thought-police mole. Something doesn't ring true.
  11. Sounds like our RAO after I told him about the site. thanks for the advice all the same I wont sign owt now to do with terms of service :)
  12. What we're basically discussing here is "Manning Control" as it's apparently known officially in MOD. They swear blind it isn't happening, but I have now three stories (albeit, all third hand) of soldiers effectively being ordered to sign new terms of service that terminate their careers.

    Let it be know: any order of this type is ILLEGAL and you are under no obligation to follow it. If you have already followed it and signed something, see a lawyer immediately - I recommend those in the various Garrison towns as they understand the military system more or less.

    No reputable officer would agree to pass on an order of this type and any officer or WO who does so should be reported to the chain of command, lose his/her warrant/commission and be directed towards the Mess Webley on account of a patent failure of moral courage.

  13. a debate on the subject has started on the Aspals Mil Law site.

    Most Mil Legal solicitors don't have a clue what this is about and the samefor most Officers who action the policy, The people you know about should contact Tom Reah ASAP, you can find his dets here.

    If these guys are being forced to change contracts, than Ivor Caplin will have alot of explaining to do
  14. thanks