Brown Launches Campaign for British Motto.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrShanklysboots, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. "We used to own the world, you know...."


    "Britain. Equality for all. (Unless you're honest and hard working)"
  2. "Britain. Becoming a smaller America...."
  3. 'All for one, and each man for himself'
  4. "Fish and chips for teh win!!11!one!"
    "Semper in excremento, profondu variat"
  5. D'uurh?! :x :roll: We already have a National Flag Mr Brown, is that not good enough?! - Sorry I forgot, flying the Union Jack on municipal buildings offends members of other nations living on our shores so let's get a nice, cuddly "multi cultural" motto to keep the lefties happy! :roll:
  6. "Britain--jobcentre to the world"
  7. "Free houses and money for the scum of the world."
  8. Dieu et Mon Droit
  9. That is a damned good point. No doubt Mr. Brown wants a break from tradition and something more akin to that revolting olympic logo or that British Airways foray into PR generated crap tailplane design.
  10. We could get the BBC to run a phone in competition, £1 an entry then when all the votes are counted if they don't like the winner then just pick the one Gordon likes.
  11. Ironic thing about this story is...

    They'll be doing this because their focus groups are screaming at them about immigration and related stuff and how this guppymint don't seem to be patriotic at all (cos they are't)...

    but because they're PC cnuts they're guaranteed to pick something that will p*ss off patriotic types and shoot themselves in the foot.
  12. We already have one didn't some bloke a little while ago mention we will fight them on the beaches etc.

  13. How about


    It's been good enough to bind Britons together for centuries
  14. We iz da Boiz and Girlz. Tru soljaz!

    Hmm, lacking something I feel. :?