Brown jobs slagging off the mob

You've got an awfully funny way of making friends pal. Anyway, there are plenty of people on here with some "special" sauce for that chip on your shoulder.

If you really taken the trouble to read my OP on this thread or my post on the Rock Ape para one then I honestly think you will find it hard to point out where I am displaying any “chip on the shoulder” by all means do correct me if you feel I am wrong.

I certainly don’t have a chip on either shoulder the only chips I have seen around here are those displayed by some army posters that seem to have an almost pathological contempt of the RAF.

It seemed that some of that contempt at least is based on plain ignorance so I decided to attempt to redress that.

If the OP I submitted on here or the other post on the Rock ape para thread put a few noses out of joint then you all need to ******* get a grip.

Both posts I admit had a small element of very mild piss taking but the mob handed reaction to them on here was truly a thing to behold.

They don’t like it up em captain Mainwaring.

As for this “Special” Sauce is this some sort of coded euphemism?

As I have said I don’t have any chip on my shoulder nor do I think my OP or rock ape posts display one but if you think they do why not refer to the post and apply your “Special” sauce, I am quite happy to debate them with you or anyone else.

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