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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BRIAN, Jul 29, 2005.

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  1. Out of curiosity i have seen a number of members of my unit wearing what appears to be a brown or might be green belt, material like a stable belt with the working belt clips sewn in. Are these a home made creation or are they for real. All of the individuals were members of the Royal Anglian Regiment.

    Any i info on these would be good
  2. eeeerrrrrrrrr.....have you stopped one and asked him?
    Just a thought. :roll:
  3. ditto
  4. 1 Royal Anglian had a 'soft' belt made up about 9 years or so ago. It's a greenish sort of colour. Very comfortable, especially when on exercise.
  5. it was an after thought, i fact i got the individuals number, ill ring them and ask, this bone question...

    thanks for the help
  6. Be careful , I once observed a sprog siggie ask a liney why he was wearing his dad's leather belt
  7. Don't get the hump. I'm genuinely interested after spending six years with them (before the belt mullarkey though) Please post the answer.
  8. Now sure if you still need an answer to this - back in 1994/5 1 Royal Anglian trialled the new and what is now 95 kit. They then like everyone else switched to the issue 95 kit. However at the time there was no standard issue working belt (let face it no one liked belt working - plastic did they). At the time 1 R Ang purchased at Bn level their own working belt from a company in Canvey Essex. It was made of a similar material to stable belts but in green with velco adjustment and with the standard buckle. It proved to be very popular as you could actually still wear it under PLCE without really knowing you were still wearing it. I understand the boffins at procurement actually looked at it but felt it was not sturdy enough to give long service (must have lasted over 10 years so far so think thats been disproved). Only down side was like a stable belt it tended to curl where the trouser belt loops pulled down on it - nothing a steam iron did not sort out. Instead they went for the 1837 patt remake we have today still not proving to be as popular as the of 58 patt belt belt which still makes a regular appearence in most old boys lockers.
    Got to say boffins you missed the boat there was and still is a great belt giving sterling service still today - still thats life.

    Hope this clarifies