Brown in record poll slide

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brettarider, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Tell us something we don't know apparently there's some of his own party plotting to remove him as leader if they don't win the next election which by judging public opinion is looking very likely :twisted:

    LONDON (Reuters) - Gordon Brown's personal popularity ratings have plunged further and faster than any other British prime minister since polling began in the 1930s, a poll revealed on Sunday.

    Brown is facing a rough ride as the global lending squeeze tightens its grip on the economy and the housing market could head into a sharp downturn.

    Although he does not have to call a national election until 2010, Brown also faces a tough parliamentary battle against rebels in his own Labour party over his plans to extend the time terrorism suspects are held from 28 to 42 days.

    The latest YouGov poll in the Sunday Times showed the resurgent Conservatives on 44 percent with Labour on 28 percent and the centrist Liberal Democrats on 17 percent.

    But the biggest blow was delivered on Brown's personal ratings, which have fallen from plus 48 last August to minus 37, on a zero midpoint scale.

    "The collapse is the most dramatic of any modern-day prime minister, worse even than Neville Chamberlain who in 1940 dropped from plus 21 to minus 27 after Hitler's invasion of Norway," the paper said.

    Brown, hailed as a steady hand on the economic tiller in his decade as finance minister, took over as prime minister in June last year from Tony Blair.

    His reputation for economic competence crumbled when the country's fifth largest mortgage lender collapsed in the credit crunch. Housing prices have just recorded their biggest monthly fall since 1992.

    Brown, who is set to have talks with leading executives from London's financial district on Tuesday before flying to the United States, has urged banks to own up to the scale of their debts in the credit crunch.

    Writing in Sunday's News of the World tabloid, he promised new measures to ensure that Bank of England interest rate cuts are passed on to mortgage holders. The Bank of England has made funds available to try and ease the crunch and has cut interest rates three times since December.

    But Brown complained that commercial banks "have not always been passing those reductions to their customers".

    (Editing by Michael Winfrey)
  2. [snigger]

    oh thats a shame.


    Edited to add. Perhaps the labour party will learn that lies (spin) are not going to do them any good in the long run. The people want some integrity in the people running the country.

  3. Gordo will be calling in his friends from Zimbabwe to count the result of the next election.......and re-count it if the results are 'wrong'.
  4. the only reason gordo is interestd in mugabe is hes trying to get tips on how to stay in power even though hes lost an election
  5. Good, now that it's official can we get rid of the fat cnut?

    If at the next election everyone voted for a non-sitting MP, we would in effect sack all the ones that are currently making a mess of the country and therefore put in a new bunch of younger spunkers so that they can have a go. You can't beat them, but we can soon sack them.
  6. Yest..... What a pity. I was hoping that I would wake up to this!!

    Rumour within NUOO Labour has it that Brown has 'annointed' his successor -- Ed Balls. Now there a name to conjur with..... 'Balls by Name and Balls By Nature'.... Oh yast!!

    Rumour mills have it too, that that Ed Balls and David Miliband may go 'head to head' for any Leadership contest within the NUOO Labour Numpty Party, whether before or after the next General Election remains to be seen. Depends on the outcome of the local Elections this May in England and Wales.

    Our Part-time Defence Secretary Des Browne, is expected to face Tory calls for his resignation today as he goes to the Commons to explain his handling of the Iran captives cash-for-stories debacle. Desi Broone is also Part-Time Secretary of State for Scotland

    It has also been rumoured that there have been calls even from the Labour Party for 'Gorbals Mick' Martin to stand down as Speaker, in view of the row over MPs expenses and his attempt to block requests via the 'Freedom of Information Act' into MPs salaries and expenses. Sounds just like a NUOO Labour trick to give the impression of 'Open & Transparent Government' when they do their damdest to scupper anyone attempting to use this Act.

    Well, I said a long long time ago that NU Labour were feked!! Hopefully over the next few weeks, the sooner the better, that this will happen.

    Gordons Brown's "10 Tonne Turkeys" are coming home to roost, and they are dumping all over his Cabinet colleagues --- Oh Goody!! :p :lol: 8O
  7. Mugabe yesterday dismissed an attempt by Gordon Brown to intervene in the crisis over his country’s disputed elections by describing the prime minister as a “tiny dot on this planet"

    At least Mugabe is right about one thing
  8. On the one hand I really do wish that they'd just get rid of the great big embarrassment, on the other if they give him the boot they might actually elect someone with half a clue making it less certain of them being massacred in the next general election. I am conflicted. :|
  9. So can we dump him and all the illegal immigrant trash that's decided to rip the heart out of this country, not to mention was he has done to the forces. personally i would like to see him hang, along with the rest of his family just in case they have any thought of "serving" the public in the future. I dont i have ever hated any two people more than blair and brown than what i do right now. Just my opinion i guess..
  10. Hmmm. I am not a supporter of this Government, however, anyone who has followed Gordon Browns budgets as Chancellor will realise that most of the 'meat' of his budgets has been hidden. The majority of his communist style anouncements (5 & 10 year plans) show that the serious increases on various taxation don't occur until 2010, the year that he is up for re-election.

    Just supposing the Tories came to power as Gordons tax hikes come into play, the Tories will carry the can, just as the burden of PFI will hit the tax payer some time later.

    Personally, I think that it would be better for Labour to win the next election with a drastically reduced majority. They will then carry the burden for their years of tax and spend without much to show. Gordon Broon can suffer a leisurley defeat, safe in the knowledge that the voting public know he wasn't the man portrayed, just spin. In a maximum of 2 years, he'll be out of office, his reputation in total tatters.
  11. Regrettably your assessment is convincing and sometimes I feel the Tories have come to the same conclusion. They want power but don’t want to inherit the poison pills left by Brown and Blair.
  12. My bold. The Tories really don't seem to get the voter replacement side of Zanu Labour policy.
  13. It's already happening.

    Interesting story in the Guardian a while ago. The author speculated that Labour never anticipated the collapse of the Tories after 1997.

    Labour thought that they'd only get two terms in power, something they'd never achieved before. They spent like chav lottery winners during their first two terms in the belief that the Tories would be left with the bill by now.

    Unfortunately, Labour won the last election and it's Gordon who has not only been left with the bill but who is facing the real prospect of a 1979-style economic collapse.
  14. But as usual - no links, no evidence :roll:
  15. Good post A.M.,

    For all the time this mob have been in power they have been spending money like the Russians are in Portsmouth.

    They invest nothing, the only cash the can lay hand to is ours which is exactly what has been happening to us all through stealth taxes.

    They will leave enough sh1te behind in their wake to fertilise the Sahara.