Brown in Baghdad; anything to get publicity

Anything is better than a buch of tory idiots on the front page!
Cpl_ripper said:
Anything is better than a buch of tory idiots on the front page!


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Cpl_ripper said:
Anything is better than a buch of tory idiots on the front page!
That's the whole point of the exercise - a spoiler because Cameron's side have come out with some sensible policy ideas.

After all it's not as if Gordon B had anything to do with sending us to Iraq in the first place, is it?


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It's the timing - he's planned this purely to take the limelight away from the Conservatives. You can't go on one of these trips at the drop of a hat.
It would be news indeed if he had gone to Basra rather than more secure Baghdad. Just a thought, if he stays 24 hours, does he qualify for a medal?
:? Browns gang are cutting down the Brit Army numbers. Funny old world the Australians are enlarging theirs I wonder why? do the Aussies know what Nu Liabor dont? :?
I notice that the Defence Secretary Browne walking like a wee dug behind him looking lost as usual.Does that man ever smile or is he banned from smiling at all.
What you have to realise is that there is always an election coming up when the armed forces get lots of Register to Vote forms AND the PM comes to visit.

This is all bollocks anyway...
Can someone have a word with his escort and leave the idiot out there?
I noticed that Mr Brown even signed the front of a tank today for the benefit of the TV.

I'm sure that it he signed 'To Cyclops...yours sincerely, Gordon Brown.'
My betting is that Broon bottles the election when the popularity of abolition of inheritance tax and stamp duty starts to feed through to the polls. I never had him marked down as a brave man. He is being influenced by all the Labour MPs nervously sitting on their wafer thin majority English seats. They are desperately worried about losing their seat on the gravy train.

Oh I would laugh if he ends up doing a Sunny Jim Callaghan.

Bring it on indeed.
Wonder which PMC firm is providing security. And how much they paid them to escort 'em there.

Plus I think when I spotted 3 sniper's holding rifle's as he jumped off a C130, Brown's going for the gung-ho approach.
royalecraig said:
I hope that guy in the Photo shaking hands with him counted his fingers afterwards.
fingers were still there, but his wallet was empty.

And the Iraqis suddenly found that GB had imposed a stealth tax on them to pay for his trip.......

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