Brown: Ill be terror overlord

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. Brown intends to micromanage AQ into oblivion

    Saying that he will take personal charge of the fight against terrorism if he becomes prime minister.

    The chancellor said he would also create a single “national security budget” so that resources could be switched around quickly. It is a clear sign that he will put security at the heart of next year’s spending review.

    In full,,2087-2450152,00.html

    Is your suicide cell an equal opportunies employer?
  2. As a left wing, middle class intellectual, he's just the man for the job. Kim Philby could be his deputy if he was still alive. What about Michael Foot? He's still alive and ranting isn't he?

    Vote Labour or we're all going to die.

    Voting Tory will become a criminal offence.

    There's no money left for new spending so we'd better raid everybody else's budget. Lifting terrorists out of poverty will be a top priority.

    Vote Tory or we're all going to die.

    I'm so scared of losing my job, I've even stopped being politically correct. Don't sack me Mr Cameron.

    Essential if we are to shut down the BNP during campaigning for the local government elections in May.

    How dare the jury find those two BNP men not guilty. Failure to convict must become a criminal offence.

    I believe we need a national security strategy.

    Checking passports at Heathrow might be a good start. Not admitting "asylum seekers" who have "lost" their passport on the plane might be something else to try before spending tens of billions on ID cards.
  3. From the liar who still hasnt given the Security Services its budget increase that they ar enot due to get until 2008.
  4. More meaningless spin from Neu Arbeit.

    New Labour have proven beyond doubt that you can't protect your borders or conduct effective surveillance if you fail to enforce existing legislation, if you fail to deport those who should not be here, and if you don't provide adequate resources to those trying to carry out the work.
  5. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    How does Brown propose to eradicate terrorism?

    By placing a tax on small Peter Storm rucksacks and allowing council officials to issue a "Spot Fine" for wearing the said items. The Government appreciate that this will primarily result in Boy Scouts being spot fined but as members of a white, Christian, middle class paramilitary organisation they need to be controlled for the benfit of our multicultural society as they are devisive and alienate those who may attend the Winterval festivities. If the fine is paid within 28 days then any person who exploded whilst wearing one will retrospcetively be declared a model citizen and not be recorded by Sir Ian Blair as a terrorist but as an unexplained case of spontaneous human combustion.

    He will also change the rules on what constitutes a Peter Storm rucksack so that it only applies to intact items so that the ones that explode cease to be Peter Storm rucksacks prior to exploding therefore they don't show up on Treasury figures and are no longer terrorist items, ergo, Gordon Brown has solved terrorism and balanced the budget.

    What a clever little Chancellor we have.