Brown: Id support England over Scotland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sixty, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Is there anything this fool won't do to try and ingratiate himself to the English voter? (Note, no intention to antagonise English people intended on my part). The size of his desire to be PM is staggering.

    Scottish MP for Kirkcaldy hopes England get the World Cup and win. Aye, right.

    Linky dinky
  2. Which ever country will vote for him or which ever PR oppertunity gets more votes for him, fcuk all too do with who he supports, even if he knows anything about football?
  3. Lying cheating 'none-indiginous'. At least the good folk up in Kirkaldy have an excuse to vote the 'indeterminate sexual preference' out now. Good drills brown you 'lady's front-bottom'.

    Edited 'cos my language left a weensy bit to be desired.
  4. Can any of you honestly suggest that Cameron the PR man would be any better. Hasn't Brown kept our economy healthier than his counterparts in the other European nations? Surely he is a good example of a statesman, apart from still being in the closet and taxing us all to death.

    Who do you think tipped off the press about all the Home Office blunders? Stand up Gordon's press team and stop John Reid from posing a realistic challenge. It shows how clever he is that he's dispatched his closest rival without anyone even noticing. He'll be a more effective PM than TCB.

    Who would be a better PM than Brown? The argument is probably pointless because soon as the SNP break the UK, Labour will never get into Parliament again.
  5. OK, so Cameron, Brown and Bliar are all sh1te. None is better than the other. As for Brown keeping the economy together? What sort of drugs do you take then eh? The B of E has kept the base rate low, so everyone's been using cheap money that belongs to the banks (it's called credit); of course everyone is now loaned up to the hilt and guess what? The interest rates are going up. Nobody can afford that to happen, not just because of the huge debts they've all got, but because the taxes are more crippling than ever.

    He'll be a lucky fcuker if he's not in power when the sh1t comes home to roost.

    Hmmm, given a choice between Gordo 'tax-em-til-they-bleed' Brown, David 'the-cnut- Cameron, Tony 'The Liar' Bliar or John 'tough-talking-faggot' Reid . . . I'd take Jade Goody any time.
  6. A Jock who knows which side his bread is Buttered on.
    Mi best mate's a jock and memory says 4 out of the 5 best mates where jocks.
  7. His opportunity for greatness (self percieved) is only just out of grasp and he see's it slipping further and further away. He now appears more desperate than an illegal immigrant shackled to the underside of a truck.
  8. Why am i not suprised abouth this particular "revalation" just at the same time he's been banging on about the break up of the union (not that'll it mean wales will leave) that his party started with devolution. he'd probably say he supports kurdisatn, pakistan, australia, new zealand as long as it gets him a vote.

    Personaly i think it's been a complete waste of time, not to mention money, in Wales but it keeps the labour voters here sweet i suppose.
  9. brown you cnut you are a disgrace to Scotland
  10. Couldn't agree more. I'm praying for a last minute 'stalking horse' who can snatch the prize away from him.
  11. David Miliband? A really oily Blairite toady, I'd rather sniff Prescott's underpants than see Miliband as PM.
  12. We do know that Bliar is not happy at Broon taking over so I'd say watch and shoot.
  13. If Gordon Brown is so ready to turn his back on Scotland in his efforts to become PM, what chance of him being loyal to the UK if he gets in?
  14. My thoughts exactly!
  15. He's loyal to nobody but himself.