Brown: I will cut spending

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jockass, Aug 25, 2009.

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    Not a huge suprise that he has changed his mind. The spineless lump of lard always does eventually fold in the face of critism. Be nice if we had a PM who was the first person rather than the last person in the country to realise that we need to do something though wouldnt it? Still only took him a few months (well ok, many people worked it out years ago) so maybe thats progress in the loosest sense of the word.
    So, no more Labour 'investment' then:

    Nope, seems like his is still proud of his little 'investment' soundbite :roll:
  2. Bang to flash time spot on Prime Minister you one eyed moron.

    Remind me why i am a cynic again!
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    This man is proving to be a weak ineffective little man. He is learning that now he is not Chancellor he has no power to bully individuals into his dishonest and ill conceived plans. So ineffective that he resorted to placing another unelected back stabbing weasel to help shore up the defences.

    Accuses the Tory’s of having no ideas and policies, waits a week and then sprouts forth with a verbatim Tory idea.
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Not hard to cut spending when you've nothing left to spend
  5. What this deceitful and dishonest man SAYS and what he DOES are seldom the same thing.

    Everyone knows he will say, at Mandelson's prompting, anything to get re-elected. However, too many lies over too long a period will see the man defeated, together with his disreputable party.
  6. Still playing politics and its more important to him that he is different to the conservatives than doing the right thing. Muppet. Sooner he hands over the steering wheel the better. Worst prime minister we ever had will be his legacy.
  7. On the contrary very hard to stop spending when you have nothing left to lose. He has been gambling and throwing in the keys to the jag on the bet that his pair of 3's will win back everything he lost. He still believes he has saved the world and it will be a V shaped recovery and he will be vindicated and will all return to 'normal'. Trouble is normal isn't 2007 levels. Normal is gone and we are going to a different chapter.
    The rating agencies don't want to downgrade UK debt but they still might have to if something doesnt change soon. And soundbites arent going to cut it.
  8. The only trouble is that the steering wheel is going to be covered in shit. It's going to be next to impossible to sort out the public finances in one parliamentary term.

  9. Absolutely, but the sooner we change drivers the better. Brown cannot make a decision on anything more important that plastic bags unless he is battered into a corner and its obvious that 99% of people already know its the right decision. At least GW Bush was 'the decider'. Brown is 'the ditherer'. As much use as tits on a fish, he brings nothing to the equation. At least bring cabinet decision making back into fashion. The Blair presidential leadership style just really doesnt suit him.
  10. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    You have to ask which areas of government he would be looking to for savings.

    NHS? Not likely. too many people would hate him [more] fo reducing service.
    Education? Think of the children!!!
    Defence? Errrrm. He doesn't like us anyway, so who wants to place bets...
  11. Fcuk him. He's blown the economy, and before that, he blew the wealth of the country. He's been a lame duck since he was still a chancellor, and his fall will be the most ignominious, but deserved.

    Labour investment versus Tory cuts my arrse! Labour profligacy, idiocy and incompetence, versus Tory 'conservation'.
  12. Not me,and I strongly suspect not you either,for reasons which are a complete mystery-not! :!:
  13. Gee whiz, thanks Gordon.

    Shame he couldn't have stopped spending before he'd frittered away verything in the pot.
    The one eyed fool has pished away everything we've got and we are supposed to appreciate his wisdoe when he says he will cut spending? There is nothing left, we owe a fortune (plus a bit) and he graciously intneds to slightly slow the rate he is borrowing money. Money that we poor taxpayers will have to pay pack.

    Mr Brown has condemned this country to paying back his wild borrowing for a decade or more. Cnut.
  14. 'Defence? Errrrm. He doesn't like us anyway, so who wants to place bets...'

    Unfortunately, if he cut the defence budget to zero, it wouldn't even service the interest on the debt he has already built up - let alone the projected debt.
  15. Brown: I will cut DEFENCE spending