Brown: I must show voters results.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Bit late for that Gordo!

  2. How long is that it's taken for the penny to drop? Christ on a bike.
  3. The only resault ive seen ????????/ no not seen one yet
  4. The best result he could show us would be his sudden, swift, departure.
  5. Preferably dangling from the end of a rope. Cyclops is a risible individual.
  6. So how does all this actually square with Swampo Gordo's bluster about ending "boom and bust" forever?

  7. Bugsy- there will never be another boom as long as he has anything to do with it, and therefore no bust!
  8. "I must show voters results"

    You'd think he'd have come up with that on week one, day one.
  9. We've all seen the results of Brown
    They aren't very pretty and we will be paying for them for another decade. W@nker that he is.
  10. I suppose having Cyclops in charge says something about equal opportunities in the UK. It proves that anyone, even an idiot, can become PM.

    What worries me is that I'm not altogether sure he's finished yet. I think, despite everything that's happened, that b@stard could still pull off a number and get re-elected. It's the stuff of nightmares I know, but he's not gone till he's gone, and there seems to be a sizable minority of the population who are 'Ashies', nu labour to the fcuking core who'll vote for him regardless.
  11. Pa McBalloon will do what McTeflon has done. Post the election debacle whenever, McRuin will create 'stepping stones' to North America for lucrative Academia to lecture to the gullible and 'un-wise' on his experiences on 'World Statemanship & Economics'.

    This weekends Nues Arebiets Partie shindig will possibly be the last one he attends. There are only a few courses of action that McBalloon can take.... of course, one can be totally wrong in all this... he might just announce his stand-down on health grounds...

    (a) Soldier on to the bitter end and lead Neus Arbeits to an utter defeat...
    (b) Announce his resignation so the blame can be heaped on some other poor sod who takes over as Dear Leader.
    (c) Announce a 'National Emergency... and cancel all future elections... or try to...!! ...(there, that's for the conspiracy theorists...)

    (b) and (c) are unlikely..... so one has to suspect that he will take to Neus Arbeits into defeat whenever the next election is announced.... then make ready to move family and himself over to Canada, the States, or elsewhere to resume an academic type of lifestyle lecturing the glorious Greenhorns in the Fresher years at Uni.... :p :p :oops: :oops: 8) :?
  12. Just listened to Alisatir Darling twittering on about the need to link bankers bonuses to performance. How about those f#ckers link their performance to something tangible:
    - Employ an illegal immigrant = Carry on there baroness!
    - Charge dubious expenses = Carry on regardless [insert honourable MPs name!]
    - Take loans from colleagues in cabinet, subvert passport application system = do a tour of the commission, get a lordship and return on a trail of slime to "save" the country.
    - Use staff allowances to hire your son to do no work = sit out the rest of parliament with full salary AND expenses!
    - Go to war (twice) against muslim countries while ignoring requests for resources from the people who you charge to take on the task. = Sign multimillian pund book deal and get appointed "Peace Envoy" to the region you've just enflamed.
    - Split responsibility for regulating banks between three public bodies and fail to clarify who is responsible for what. Watch banking system make loads of money for the exchequer and keep stum while the sun shines. Make dubious rules about budgetary controls and then throw them out the window when you are about the break them. = Congratulations, become Prime Minister without a single vote cast.

    Have I missed any of this shower in Westminsters "results" :x :x :x :x :x :censored:

    I seriously hope for this level of f#ck up Zanu Labour gets consigned to third place and ignomy for a century to think about what they've done like the Liberals.... But that alas is not likly. I need a drink. When will this hour end.
  13. They'll be coming for him with a straight jacket soon.
  14. Too late for that Gordon, you funked up the country somthing rotton. ---- BYE BYE.