Brown: I intend to do my duty by the Forces...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldAdam, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. This from today’s Sunday Times Online:-


    ‘Some Labour figures were angry that the military had attacked Mr Brown personally while he was out of the country. One Labour MP asked: “Isn’t that how all coups start?”’

    Now, that hadn’t occurred to me... :roll:
    ...but it certainly bears thinking about. :D
  2. Would Dannat be up to it though???
  3. Almost 60 comments and hardly 1 that actually believes what our PM is saying. Scandalous really.
  4. Well the man is an untrustworthy liar...

    I hope your not shocked.
  5. What resign?

    Will anyone ever trust New Labour over the treatment shown to the troops on the front line.....NO!

    Will New Labour ever change...NO!

    Attacking the PM while he's out of the coutry, I am sure it will continue on his return too!

    Lets face it THEY, New Labour have really FCUKed this one up!
  6. Depends what you mean. I certainly think that he is an untrustworthy liar (or utterly deluded), so it isn't that that would shock me. What does make me wory is that so many people as a % of our population seem to also think so, virtually no one in the public that think he is telling the truth here. Yet he is the countries ultimate political office holder and add to that the failure to even call for a vote of no-confidence and it points to a breakown in democracy.
  7. The only Duty that Brown knows anything about is that exacted by HMRC.
  8. He doesn't care what anyone thinks, unless it's going to affect an election result it's irrelevant.
  9. Hadn't occurred to me either, but if that's an indicative comment by a Labour MP then I don't wonder why the defence budget is what it is, whilst the Minister only has to be responsible on a part-time basis.
  10. I thought that Broon had exempted himself from Elections.
  11. I've just been sent this link;

    and I love L.Stewart's chat!

    "It is truly amazing how people express surprise at each stage in the calculated undermining of this country, and wonder how our government can possibly make so many 'mistakes'.
    Certainly the issue is blurred by a genuine incompetence, but : Why would Labour - the party of the CND, pacifism, and outright marxism, the party distinguished by being full of raw hatred for the native population of this country, its traditional values and its way of life, the Party which sends our servicemen into battle outnumbered, ill-equipped, and watched over by civil-rights lawyers funded at taxpayers' expense to leap to the support of the enemy - why would it be worried if more White, heterosexual 'militarists' leave the Army ? All the more vacancies for women, 'British' ethnic minorities, increased employment straight from Africa, homosexuals and wimps to be filled by targetted recruitment, thereby breaking for good a bastion of British patriotism, pride, and disclpline."
  12. by "do his duty" does he mean retire to his office with a revolver and a bottle of whisky?
  13. Damn! Beat me to it! :D :twisted:

    The only time that cnut would pick up a revolver would be to shoot someone else in the back. :evil:
  14. I've got a week's holiday. Just tell me where we RV. :twisted:
  15. Wednesday's looking good - will see what I can do.