Brown "I am a friend of the forces" - GQ interview

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, Nov 7, 2009.

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  1. From this months GQ interview with Piers Morgan

    "My brothers about to go on a 6 month tour of Afghanistan. Can you give me a guarantee that he will have the equipment he and his colleagues need to do the job properly"

    GB "Our troops must be properly equipped and any suggrstion that any politician would send them into battle without the right tools is wrong."

    "Are you offended that you're not seen as a friend of the military"?

    GB "I am a friend of the military"

    "Many in the armed forces don't see it that way"

    GB "Look, no request for UORS has ever been turned down since I've been Chancellor or PM".

    So by my reckoning, he lied to every single answer - nice one Mr Brown. Perhaps the follow up question should be "If you think Defence is about getting properly equipped troops, why are you insisiting that the Defence budget be cut so significantly during the PR10 planning process"?
  2. You know when Gordon is lying....his lips move.
  3. With friends like that, who needs enemies? 8O
  4. Its a bit "pot calls kettle black" - Piers Morgan has a bit of a history of trying to trash the reputation of the Armed Forces IIRC. Brown is still a cnut.
  5. Piers Morgan? Gordon Brown? ..... support the Army?

    Don't make me laugh.
  6. To the mods. I'm sick of double posting. What is happening?
  7. Oh absolutely, Morgans a cunt of a human being.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    In an ideal world those two would both die in a freak - and excruciatingly painful - mutual wanking accident in front of a lot of blind nuns - just to finish off both their already non-existent 'reputations' for ever (it would be cruel to do it in front of any more vulnerable group!)

    Of the two, I think that Moron is marginally worse, in that, by his actions, he has caused riots that probably (word added for legal reasons :) ) caused casualties both within the muslim 'community' and, equally importantly, within the British Armed Forces. At least GB doesn't deliberately do things to hurt people - that's just a by-product of his behaviour.

    Oh, and as for the four statements - all of them lies, but what do you expect. As an example there most certainly have been UORs rejected. How can he come out with such crap - who tells him this stuff? It's not the MoD, they know better. Must be his own spin doctors.
  9. Under these circumstances, I think that I would prefer the enemies. At least they can be relied upon.
  10. Since you're my friend Gordon, any chance of a bung?
  11. Fuckers couldn't even lie straight in bed.
  12. ...beat me to it.

  13. Hahahahaha bump bump*

    Sorry - laughed my tits off there.
  14. piers morgan and gordon brown discussing the military? And who is a freind of the military?

    Isn't that like ian huntley and the killers of Baby P discussing childcare techniques?

    I suspect gordon & piers are in the same bracket of friends as gulbadin.
  15. Since when have the taliban been a military organisation?