Brown hints at Afghan troop rise

Gordon Brown has given a strong indication that more British troops will be sent to Afghanistan, during a surprise visit to the country.

Speaking from Helmand province, he said he wanted to speed up the training of Afghan soldiers and police, which needed the support of British troops.

He also pledged greater protection for troops from home-made roadside bombs.

There are currently 9,000 UK troops in Afghanistan - mostly in Helmand - and 207 have been killed since 2001.
Rest of the article:

Has cyclops finally caved in to pressure or is he using the BEEB to 'test the water' and see what the ra-action to more troops would be?
I'm sure they were beginning to feel the backlash from the "we can't afford it" excuse.
If people are putting their lives on the line every day, saying "we can't afford to help them" is just out of order, especially with the immense amount of spending in other areas, I'm sure if it was up to the British people, we'd take out another international loan to keep us going, even if it will mean more tax in the future.

So, they've realised what a colossal mistake it was to refuse any extra troops in theatre, and are trying to make amends...or more likely, trying to look like they're trying to make amends.

Yup. Formal decision after summer considering MOD submissions: No extra troops
Spin on Telly : Hint of more troops.
Does anyone believe a single word this oaf Brown utters?

Does anyone believe anything the BBC broadcasts?

If I may answer both of my questions in one word - no!

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