Brown has come full circle since 1988

Gordon Brown would probably prefer to forget his magic moment in the crowded House of Commons exactly 20 years ago, on 1 November 1988. In the midst of a withering attack against Nigel Lawson’s management of the faltering economy, the Labour front bencher pierced the Tory’s façade with deadly accuracy: ‘This is a boom based on credit.’ Labour MPs frenziedly cheered as Brown artfully mocked the forlorn-looking Chancellor for allowing consumption to spiral out of control and for offering consistently wrong forecasts. The Chancellor’s boast about his ‘sound management of the economy,’ scoffed Brown, was worthless. ‘Most of us would say that the proper answer is to keep the forecasts and discard the Chancellor.’ That evening’s newspaper headline intoxicated the aspiring Scotsman: ‘veteran chancellor bloodied by upstart’.

It would almost be funny, if we weren't footing the bill. Again
Why do we allow this inept bunch of muppets to get away with it.
Politicians, all the same and all useless at anything other than lining their own pockets.
Yes did notice that dear old Tony has cracked £12M on the lecture circuit, don't you love those socialist values, also noticed he had probs with getting a health spar into his country retreat nearly cancelled it as the truck would have to go on the grass!
Good piece and the real shame is that the Tory's are in no shape to pick the Moron apart. that muppet who calls himself shadow chancellor should be grilling Darling now!! makes me bloody blood boil!!
Little lies soon stand out Big lies fool the great unwashed for ever so long.
Nue Labour was a game based on not telling the truth, anything but the truth and it bought the Bilge Rat Blur, 3 elections.
The City of London has been one, if not the biggest player in this disaster, yet those who have caused it are still working and even advising the government. They are now earning record amounts of pay but that's not being looked at, it's really just a case of sit tight and see what happens, if it goes down a bit the government will throw us a few more billion.

Imagine you were in a sales job, you sell 100 items but you state to the company you sold 10,000, you get a bonus that's equivalent to the price of 50 items and your boss gets a similar bonus, this carries on year after year. So in this example the company is making no money, it's all going out and when the sh*t hits the fan what happens, do you get sacked or prosecuted, no, the government bails you out and to make it really grate the public you get to keep your salary, which has been overinflated over the last 10 years on profits that didn't exist.

How the hell anyone can believe this is all going to blow over or go away when the same people who caused it are earning the same money, doing the same jobs is beyond me, expect a long cold winter.
Argee2007 said:
The City of London has been one, if not the biggest player in this disaster
They've had nothing to do with the amount of debt Gordon ran up when he was Chancellor. He was repeatedly warned about it by the City, Bank of England, EU, World Bank and IMF but he ignored them all.

He thought that when the ordure hit the fan, i.e. now, the Tories would be in power and he'd be on the lecture circuit raking it in with Tony.

Remember, Britain is better placed than any other country in the known universe to weather this storm - especially with Gordon "what crisis" Brown at the helm.

The only reason the pound is heading for parity with the Zimbabwe Dollar and rich arabs are using gilts for toilet paper is because mere mortals don't have the intelligence to appreciate Gordon's socialist vision.

Anyway, this is good, socialist debt while the debt in 1988 was evil, capitalist debt.

It's a bit like unemployment. The 7.4 million claiming various types of benefits because they don't have a job are OK because they're socialist unemployed.

The 3 million unemployed under Thatcher were capitalist unemployed and therefore counted as 9 million (socialist equivalent) unemployed.

Is that clear?
Comment from the Guy Fawkes website

"Brown : Bonkers or a Liar?

Gordon has just told BBC News that he can go on a spending splurge because:

"National debt is low and we're able to borrow to do it."

This is just delusional, he has run up the debt burden during his decade of unfunded spending, we have the biggest national deficit of all time, the books have never been so unbalanced as they are now. He fiddles the statistics, we know that, the Office of National Statistics even says so. Journalists know it. His own cabinet knows it. The Civil Service knows it. The City knows it. Foreign investors know it. This is why the pound has plunged against almost everything apart from the Icelandic Krona.

Guido Asked the PM to explain why, for example, the unfunded public sector pension debt is not government debt and hopes he can answer it without evasion. Because if he can't he must either be (a) bonkers (b) a liar.
Which is it? "

Lies just pure simple lies.

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