Brown has a moral compass?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. The Times

    Sounds as though Brown may have a moral compass - something Blair sadly lacked.

    It's not going to cause me to jump around proclaiming that Brown is the best P.M in the world - but I support his stance towards Mugabe
  2. What's happening in Zimbabwe is a disgrace. I'd rather be over there helping to put a stop to it (in one of our own (suspended) commonwealth countries at that) than trying to support governments in sandy places with thumbs up their arses.
  3. Only cos it came free in a packet of Oats! :D
  4. Assume that's why fatty Prescott never had a moral compass.

    Brown may just be doing it all for show; but this thing with mugabe, not supporting super casinos and his drive to make housing more affordable all mean I'm slightly less urined off with him than I could be.
  5. I suspect options 1) and 2) are being picked cos they're pain free and vote winning choices. Option 3...Hmmmm.. seen it all before, Fat Boy's Pathfinder Scheme to regenerate housing turned into a Government funded developers trough. The scheme was supposed to repair run down housing, alongside the construction of new affordable housing. Instead great swathes of perfectly good housing that locals wanted to live in were flattened to be replaced by overpriced rabbit hutches that the locals couldn't afford. Even EH reported that it would cost a quarter of the cost of demolition to update most of the older housing stock per house, which was calculated to be cheaper to run once refurbished!
  6. Sixty

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    Yes, because it isn't as if he's been 2IC the Cabinet for 10 years or anything.

    Did it really take Bliar leaving for his 'moral compass' to shine through? :roll:
  7. All of the above sounds great and other statements he has made sound fine and dandy, but wait till the tax bills start to rise to pay for his schemes, this man hates anyone who has made a success in business. He has in the past stated that small businesses have no place in his plans for the British economy. He was, is and as far as I can see a Stalinist in economic terms, ultimately we would end up with 100 or so mega corporations which could be easily controlled from Westminster. You have been warned.
  8. Could you provide us with a link to that info? Seems a bit strange that someone who people claims wants more and more taxation income would also be the same person discouraging the main source of their revenue?
  9. Take everything this mumbling tosser says with a pinch,sorry I meant boulder of salt!

    Remember,this man now runs a party who,every time they have been in power have shagged the Armed Forces,and haven't even had the decency to smile whilst they have done it!

    He has had a great deal of input into all this government has done over the last decade,has bought in so many stealth taxes,it's difficult to remember how many,and because he is a clever,greasy,bastard,killed finally salary pensions at a stroke,for everyone except,Him and his ilk,plus the whole of the Civil Service,etc!

    Mind you,given that due to the Labour "jobs for the boys" policy,I suppose that does mean about 25% of the population will still be eligible for a final salary pension?

  10. Is this compass similar to the good Capt Jack Sparrows compass?
  11. Of course he has a moral compass - it always point to the left
  12. Unlike the Tories, who gave us the Nott Review- widely suspected as being one of the factors that that encouraged Argentina to invade the Falklands- and Options for Change in the early nineties, the consequences of which we are still living with today.
  13. I hope I don't have to eat my words but Gordy is one MP I am putting a little faith in and up to now it seems to be paying off. This coming so shortly after the U - turn on super casinos is definately doing a lot of good. Much better than Herr Blair and his Nazi Regime. I think Brown is a lefty but one who is able to see that the left alone cannot work and is willing to make compromises in order to bring in some left ideals. If he carries on I may even vote Labour (if the wicked witch is moved from myh constituency anyway). If he does this, wins the next election and then does a Blair........vive le revolution!
  14. Don't like to tell you this,but I served through the 60's,70's,and 80's and if you bother your arse to go back that far to have a look,you'll find out that every time we got shit on it was a labour (and I use the word advisedly)government that shat on us the most.

    Only widely suspected by those spanish speaking morons in BA,who needed something to take the populations mind of rampant inflation,an economy that was worse than ours at the time,and a military junta that was on the way to killing more Argentinians a day than we killed during the whole of the Falklands conflict.

    You might think the Tories are *********,but does that make Brown any better than Bliar,and his Deputy Buster Gusset,when it comes to giving this country a bloody decent government for a change.

    Think about this, a wetback gets more to live on than a pensioner,even the one that went to war,so that you have the freedom to gob off on this forum!

    Nuff said :pissedoff:
  15. The topic had a question mark in it's title.

    The answer is: NO! Then neither did Stalin.