Brown got lost at state banquet

You can't help but titter can you? Read this story on the Beeb today;

"Downing Street has insisted Gordon Brown was just "doing what he was told" after apparently getting lost at the state banquet for Nicolas Sarkozy."

I can't help imagining Gordon, quietly enquiring;

"So, where do I sit then?"

and being told, equally quietly;

"F**k off!"

:D :D :D :D
"Her Majesty would like you to go down to Tower Bridge and take a room in the large, square building. Tomorrow morning at dawn she would like you to put your neck on a small wooden block. Your head will be sent to Brussels attached to a small note saying "We quit"".
Well I am not surprised that Pa Broon couldn't find his way to the correct seat. It's taken him ten years to turn up in the right rig FFS!


"'s actually quite nice to be in white tie and tails. Why on earth did I make so much fuss at the Mansion House?"[/align]
What could you expect from your Reich-Chancellor?

I mean, he could probably find his way around a Scottish Pie-Shop, or barge half-blindly up to a bar for a pint, but ....

... is he actually experienced enough in the ways of Southern folk, to be capable of eating with cutlery whilst sitting down? This is advanced stuff, and requires a lifetime's learning process. As Cuddles said, he's only just learbed how to dress.

Good job he's going, really.

He he was in fact lost the most unfortunate thing is that somebody eventually found him.

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