Brown giving away more of our money...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Odo_de_StAmand, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. As oart of the EU "deal" on climate change today, EU countries are to give €50bn a year to help climate change in smaller countries by 2020. Western rich EU countries will pay more than central and eastern EU ones.

    How much do you think will be Britains share...

    So not content with saddling future generations with a £1trillion of debt - he's now piling more IOUs on...........

    Utter, utter cvnt

  2. In fairness, the report says 'rich countries' should make a large contribution. Britain being one of the poor EU members then we will only have to give as much as, say....Bulgaria. Also, Brown has to screw things up for Dave. Not long now. May/June will soon be here.
  3. I agree, but unfortunately Brown still believes we are rich.........

  4. Not too sure I can agree with you there, Cyclops isn't blind enough not to notice we are strapped for cash. He knows full well we have no more money, he spent it after all. The thing is he also knows that he has absolutely no chance of actually being elected into the job he's been messing up, unelected. Instead of trying to keep the country afloat and guide it limping into port so the next government can take over with what's left, he's quite happy to waste what we have left and promise away what we haven't.

    It's not a delusion that we aren't in a mess, it's bitter bloody mindedness and spiteful retribution to leave the electorate where he thinks they should be once he's gone...... gone but still leaching a fortune off the state by the way.
  5. This climate change is a farce. The only countries that are buying into this nonsense are the politically correct EU countries.
  6. The UK may not be rich but is is still putting in more than anybody else (except the Germans)

    How about we come out of the EU for 3 years and then we can pay off the national debt. surely that is in all our interests...
  7. How bout the EU subs us a few bill?
  8. An expensive farce!

    Politicians just pay themselves more to compensate for extra taxes levied. We do not have that option.

    Note to D. Cameron:

    Tell the EU to fvck off on this stupidity and several other stupidities on Day 1.
  9. Boy Dave should start by sending his new rep to Brussels at a meeting of the new Praesidium, dump Maggies borrowed handbag on the podium and say, "Well, she never really went away you know, now then, where were we before we were interrupted by Bliar, Oh yes, Our Opt Outs and Rebates".

    8) 8) :wink: :wink:
  10. Well our share will be peanuts compared to the £8 billion the government will have to put up to fund the latest re-structuring of Northern Crock. Another fine idea from our supreme leader, backed fully by the EU of course