Brown Gives £1.5 Billion overseas aid for climate change

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by VanHelsing, Dec 11, 2009.

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  1. Suprise suprise
    Brown gives £1.5 Billion out of a total EU £6.5 Bn, by far the most of any EU country.
    We're skint, how can we afford this, on such a disputable subject.

  2. Where is he getting this from? The same place that he got the 800 million to send to India even though they don't need it? Brown should be shot as a traitor. If the country has that amount of money to splash out, it should be spent on the country, not some hippy fuck with shite.
  3. I think it was just what they found down the back of the seats in Westminster!

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    He wants to be re-elected, he'll do whatever he can get away with to achieve this and, at the end of the day, it's not his money. It would have been more surprising if he'd resisted the temptation. The creature is a disgrace.
  5. So how many years is it going to take us to pay off this clowns fooking lunacy?
  6. Can someone please explain the basics of the economy to me, as I always thought you couldn't spend what you didn't have and as we have fuckall how can we give it away or is he borrowing to give to charity. £1.5 billion sure would sort out a few problems at home as well.

    Shite the bloke needs a good kicking.
  7. Cause obviously we have a spare £1.5 billion loafing around..! I mean, apart from the Greeks and maybe the Spanish, who doesn't..?
  8. The man is a c*nt pure and simple, I'm not sure he even qualifies as a man.
  9. Always easy to give away something that isn't his :x
    I'd like to poke his other eye out with a sharp pointy shitty stick :x
    Brown you're a grade A1 CNUT!!!
  10. Shite the bloke needs a good kicking.[/quote]

    He has maxed out one credit card and has now moved on to another card. Oh yea, and we're the ones paying them off. :frustrated:
  11. A bit late aren't you? Brown announced this on Tuesday while he was basking in the warm glow of adulation at the climate change conference in Copenhagen. My tip is buy shares in Rolls-Royce motors, Mercedes and LearJet - numbered Swiss bank accounts will be going ballistic for the next few years.

    Darling and Brown resemble a married couple where the wife knows that they are deeply in the crap and is trying to do something about it with meagre resources, but is afraid of her husband, while he is in the bookies on a losing streak getting them deeper in the shite.
  12. Why the defence budget of course,its economic vandalism pure and simple what a cnut.
  13. Anyone remember the cases a few years ago when Councillors were held personally financially responsible for illegal uses of public funds? Funny the same law never applied Ministers...........

  14. I never thought we'd see the day where the leader of our country, from any party, would rather see the UK destroyed than lose the next election.

    The sad fact is, he's already lost the vote of every sensible person in the country. There are a large number of spoilt, sandal-wearing, vegetarian, Guardian-reading, university-lecturing airheads whose favour this will have bought.
  15. Nope not late, he upped the UK contribution today, even worse he is prepared to give more.

    Charity begins at home. We need the money here to sort our problems out first.