Brown gets a good shoeing in Wall Street Journal


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'Labour lawmakers expressed their confidence in the prime minister on June 8. Given his supposedly successful management of the economy while chancellor of the exchequer, the majority felt that he was best qualified to lead Britain out of the recession, which, they claim, was caused by external forces, not by Mr. Brown's policies.

The facts show otherwise.'
There are still plenty of people out there, they ring LBC every day, who believe that the crisis was started in the U.S. and that Brown is saving the World. Sad and stupid people but they have the vote.
Good find there, Maguire, my man. I'd just love Gormless Gordon to be confronted with that and see how he tries to wiggle his cowardly way out of it.

But as we know, he'll only allow himself to be interviewed by that Marr geezer. Shame, really.

'Given these historic facts, Britain's Labour legislators should think again about sticking with the prime minister.'

This is the only part of the article that is unrealistic. They have no choice - they backed the wrong horse when they forced Teflon man out. As has been mentioned on this site many times, they have the choice between a couple more paydays and the dole or ten more paydays and the dole. Most have never had a proper job and will have nothing to offer an employer once their little bit of influence has gone.
Hear, hear... absolutley, and so say all of me... !! Delusional Gormless Gordon still thinks the the 'Dogs Cojones'.... of course. aided and abetted by Lord Meddlesome, and his unholy crew. Gormless Gordon probably still thinks that he's 'In Charge'...... stubborness has its uses at times, but in Gordon's case, as time goes by, it just make him look more like a Big Titted Numpty.....

The fact that he is ingathering Labour Tits around him like Meddlesome, the Kerching-chuks and others.... really means either hes gone through the bottom of the Liar-bore Barrel.... Or, like Caesar... it will soon be the 'Ides of March'.. and the Labour Gobshites are gathering to see just who can wrest the front door key of Number Ten out of McRuin's sweaty hands....

Its all so bleeding boring now... and the outcome is so predictable.... I think... :cry: :cry: :cry:
Good artical.
I have said numerous times that Bush bought his second election by giving away the accumulated wealth of the Clinton 90's and by not raising taxes to pay for his wars, perhaps the most expensive pastime there is for a Politician.
Blur & Brown lied repeatedly saying they where not raising taxes fooling the mass of British voters and by keeping interest rates low, forget the sh1t the the BOE sets rates, folk thought they could spend more then they could afford.
If Brown had had to pay a fair price for Labours Wars then Tone would never have won his second election.
HM Forces are paying in Blood and Broken Bodies and Minds for Labour's failure to raise taxes to pay for their wars on the cheap.
mnairb said:
'Given these historic facts, Britain's Labour legislators should think again about sticking with the prime minister.'
My bold. I doubt anyone in America knows, or cares, who 'Lord' Rumba of Rio is - but he IS the prime minister, and Lord High Everything Else.

Similarly, the revolting Balls is the de facto Chancellor.

What a shambles! What a disgrace! What a shame!
'I doubt anyone in America knows, or cares, who 'Lord' Rumba of Rio is' - lsquared, I very much doubt anyone in America knows who Gordon Brown is! Many of them are only dimly aware that Bush is no longer president.


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Whoopie fcuking doo - AFTER it's all gone t!ts-up, the venerable Wall Street Journal comes along and says "er, oh, yes, it has hasn't it, and Gordon is to blame for the bit in the UK"

It's a good article, but it's a bit late - these facts were plain to see 4 years ago - why didn't these wnakers at the Wall Street Journal point it out then, and tell Cyclops that the writing was on the wall?

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