Brown finally admits hes made mistakes!!!


The Prime Minister says: "I want to congratulate Countdown on reaching 25 years on air. It's done more than any other programme to make counting and spelling fun and popular and is really good exercise for the mind."

He also discloses that he could have done with the help of the programme's number cruncher Carol Vorderman when he was Chancellor.

"I wish she could have helped on some of my budgets when I was Chancellor - I might have got the sums right more often!"
I'm sure he was waiting for laughter at his attempt at humour but I doubt it was forthcoming!


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Not like Granpa Broon to admit anything. This was the incredible disappearing chancellor, who, whenever a problem arose ( little ones like going to war based on a lie, or selling peerages) was always 'somewhere else'.
The Teflon Party!

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