Brown Envelopes

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wg100, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. Got back home earlier this evening to find that I had a brown envelope waiting for me. Heading out to Afghanistan next year.

    How many others in the same boat then?
  2. Does your postman deliver on a sunday? Or are you just very p1ssed?
  3. No, but he does deliver on Saturdays. I've been away since Friday...
  4. Looking forward to it mate?
  5. When are you off to the 'Stan then bud and what branch are you?
    And best of luck out there...
  6. I have been looking foward to it actually, but wait out for a possible change in view a month or so in...!
    I think i'm stagging on in Kabul... joy.
  7. Is that RRV.
  8. Where's mine??!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  9. I also got a brown envelope on friday, but it was from the feckin tax man. wo is me!.
  10. any idea what u boys r going to be doing as my unit going out there next october proberley to take over from u boys i hope ure not going to say STAGGING ON as my unit was the last TA infantry formed unit in afghan 2 years ago and we were doing the full ops cycle with the regs
  11. Did you get compulsary mobilised or is this something you put in for?
  12. Well it was compulsary mobilisation of the sort where they asked for volunteers first...

    Found out more about our role last night. Going to be joining the ARRC Spt Bn, likely as a 4th platoon within a regular coy.
  13. That should read 4th platoon within a regular RLC coy but I guess your going as Force Protection
  14. Sorry, 4th Platoon within a regular Pioneer coy, so they're almost real soldiers as opposed to blanket stackers... :lol:
  15. The Royal Pioneer Corps merged with the RCT, ACC, RAOC and elements of the Royal Engineers to form the Really Large Corps in 1993 Combat Service Support

    You can read about the Bn on this link ARRC - 1st Signal Brigade.