Brown Delivers 10th Budget

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Weekend_Warrior, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. Prudence Brown has got up on his soap box and is "lying" through his teeth for the last time.
    So then... What is the impact going to be for the Armed Forces
  2. Gonna fcuk us over
  3. Don't think he will rock the boat too much. After all he may well inherite the earth before the next budget is due.

    Beer and fags will go up!!
  4. Everyone's going to get fcuked but without the full facts I can't possibly comment on how fcuked everybody's going to be. A good politician's post there.
  5. Anyone watching this?
    Prescott looks as though he is going to fall asleep, the fat idle chod
  6. As well as:

    road tax
    insurance tax
    airport departure tax
    every other tax
    some new taxes

    Also heard he might be considering a tax on condoms. So you can be taxed for having a sh@g!!

    Apart from that it will be fine!! 8O
  7. Why use a condom??? If you impregnate her you will get cash back in the form of a tax credit.
  8. if you impregnate her,you will be paying your own tax credit with the Fcukning C.S.A!
  9. No tax on Condoms - Brown is going to shave 17.5% (VAT) off a condom - just hope it isn't the bell end. Knowing this government, he'll probably further discount the thick rubber Peter Mandelson style condom and lube too.
  10. Just hope you're not wearing it at the time
  11. Just heard a bit of this apparently he is going to freeze tax on champange and british sparkling wine.

    Well thats alright then.

    I wonder what is going to happen to the tax on cigars and whisk(e)y?
  12. That's going to cause uproar in the NAAFI then or maybe not. I just can't contain my indifference.
  13. £800 mil for HMF, 2 billion for security...

    Freeze on Spirits and wine-typy things I think
  14. If anyone wants to sing along to Brown's speech it's here:

    I'll spoil the climax to his speech: "Next year £440M extra for schools, and I commend this budget to the House". May elections only six weeks away. Sweet.

    Interesting that he's allocated £800M to help the forces in Afghanistan. The overall Defence Budget has fallen from around £32B to £29B over the past three years - don't think he's mentioning that today.
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