Brown Defends the Union

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. of course he would without the english he wouldnt have a job and his people wouldnt get our taxes to keep them in buckfast and deep fried mars bars

    id like to see how good he a chanchellor he is running scotland on its own
  2. Er yes, But I don't ink he wants ta be PM of an independant Scotland.
    I do beleive that the Scottish people must decide their own fate. They have much going for them including all that stuff that cums out the ground, via the sky, Water, which England needs so much.
  3. How much water gets imported from Scotland?

    I ask because, a few years ago when Yorkshire Water had such a crap system that we had water shipped around the county in bowsers, they had to be forced to fix the leaks, clean the ditches that drained water into the reservoirs. They could have saved a lot of money (and customers ire) if they had Scottish water to tap into. Of course, with Yorkshire Water (or whatever they're called now)being the top performer in utilities

    Also, every year the television pulls out the "transport water from the wet north using canals and rivers" story when the South starts suffering from their crap water companies leaks. If we get water from the Scots, why do these stories endure.
  4. the Scots have FREE Home help, FREE Care Homes places no means testing, Free Tuition fees for Students, FREE prescription , guess who is paying for all this when Hollyrood hasn't raised their Income Tax rate at all which they are allowed to.
    while our own Pensioners have to struggle and lose their homes, Students facing a big debt once they leave College , Universities.
    I could go on........

    This imbalance is wrong :evil:
  5. I quite agree. We should be on a par with Scotland in the matters You have highlighted. Which is why I disagreed with the Lib Dems dropping the top rate of tax policy
  6. Give it to them and then watch the place inplode like Zimbabwe did when we gave it to people who couldn't organise their lives without outside assistance.
  7. Scottish independence isn't going to fail because of the inability of the scottish beaurocracy to look after its own, it is because they will not be able to raise enough funds to have a UK style of living
  8. Exactly; so, they should stop whinging about the hand that feeds them!
  9. Is it f*ck.
  10. I think that you'll find that it isn't they who are whinging. It's the English. You never stop dripping, you're like a broken Yorkshire Water pipeline.
    Moan, moan, moan.

    Your students? most of you here haven't set foot in a University and look how you kicked off when someone dared to compare student squalor accommodation with SLA. Yep, you're really behind the students aren't you?

    Whine, whine, whine. Its becoming a national f*cking sport with you lot.
  11. To be honest, I don't give a damm. Stay if you want, leave if you want. Go ahead, put up or shut up.
  12. I think you should be saying that to your mates, as it's them who are dripping and need to put up or shut up. Us Jocks couldn't give a stuff what you think south of the border. In fact, I don't think that anyone really does.
  13. I know winding people up is your style Bisuits_AB, as per your MO.
    Im sure some Scottish students have done the same, not stepping in a University after enrollment, If Hollyrood is unwilling to raise Taxes to at least partially funding the Free Care Home, Free Precriptions etc instead of expecting the subsidy to increase, it is not surprising that resentments will rise in England.

    quite frankly I am getting fed up about the whole thing and may as well let Scotland loose and let you get on with it, don't Forget England makes up 85% of the union, as successor state we will retain the UN seat etc and all the other globals that comes with it. so good luck in post indepedence Scotland , I think the current mood in the entire country is going that way so it may be inevitable.

    I know what your next phrasology is going to be. you said it before many times in this kind of debate
    don't bother this time just go and vote for it yourself :roll: .
  14. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Oh dear. Let's do it point by point shall we?

    Frankly it's a disgrace that that the English aren't all bombarding their MPs to ensure that these measures don't apply in your country. Free personal care , prescriptions and tertiary education should be available to all.

    Rubbish. England isn't a member of the UN (or indeed the EU or NATO). You'd have to apply again with no guarantees at all.