Brown could star in Apprentice style TV show

Is Blears perhaps mistaking TV for something known as a 'General Election' at which the audience has a voted ending with the BBC informing Broon 'you're fired'?

Might be an idea if popular politicians (if there's such a thing these days) were the judges - Bob Marshall-Andrews, the pre-humour removal op Boris Johnson, other Have I got News for You worthies - but the PM? Come on, Ms Blears.

Half the press would bang on about how the PM has more important things to do than appear on a reality TV show. His lack of charisma would be a disaster - he doesn't come across well on TV, full stop, and attempting to appear more human makes him look false, which is bad for his ratings. Then what happens if he fires one of the popular contestants? Or would he have the guts to do so, fearing that firing the contestant from, say, a Labour marginal seat would lose real votes?
Christ on a bike,how much futher could the great and good of the country sink?I am sick and tired of the continual dumbing down of our political institutions to try and engage with the lowest common denominator.
It is because of this type of thinking that slimy turds like bliar get away with murder (somtimes literally in my view),simply because the proles like the way he smiles and 'seems down to earth'.
The only reality tv show I would want to see any of these c*nts on is the f*cking running man.
Gorgon Brown and a variety of politicians in a Big Brother style setting. Each day one of them is voted out by the viewing public. The winner then becomes Prime Minister and can form the next government.
In one fell swoop he gets lots of votes from the chav scum who can't be bothered to get out to polling stations and makes lots of money from the premium rate 'phone lines.
Alternatively, enter every politician with a questionable record of expenses, proven liars and those who have been caught with their noses in the 'backhander' trough into a big brother type environment and each evening vote one out - then publicly hang em!

Only drama is, the series would probably eclipse Corrers in the long running stakes!
I'd like to see Bob Marshall Andrews and his wife Gill fired - from a fcuking great big double barrelled cannon. Into a hillside.
Miss Blears has been told that the scheme would make the Prime Minister "more popular than Alan Sugar".
Miss Blears, you darling are a fcuking nuisance.

Hasn't the Prime Minister got a day job or something? The show would only last one episode though....... "I am a complete and utter useless fcuking nosher who bit off far more than I could chew when becoming PM and for that reason, I'm fired".

P.S. Edited to add, Brown points finger at himself accidentaly stabbing his good eye.

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