Brown commits to big defence spending

He's prepared to offer the earth, he's got nothing to lose at this stage, if he could he'd offer himself as the second coming. Everything he says has to be tempered by his election prospects
Must be an election in the offing.
He has starved HM Forces for years but now promises Billions.
Mind you he probably does not ecpect to have to pay for all his Talk.
Typhoons. F-35 and carriers bring jobs mostly to the north and Scotland…

Go figure.
Dont forget where those Carriers are going to be made, and who (Which MP) will benefit from the jobs being secured in his constituency. He hasn't said when he is going to supply the aircraft for them.
His pledges will include:

• going ahead with two 65,000-tonne aircraft carriers at a cost of £5 billion;

• maintaining troop numbers in the Army at more than 100,000; and

• committing a future government to the Joint Strike Fighter, costing £10 billion, and completing the £20 billion Typhoon programme.
Er, but the government is supposedly commited to those anyway, isnt it? They're existing programmes or in the case of the army numbers, the current figures.

I'd also like to know how many JSFs he thinks he's going to get for £10bn.
Finding that money for the Defence Budget would be easy. The NHS Budget has in creases by about £6-billion every year, so there's more fat in the NHS budget then there is anywhere else. Which equals one thing, tons and tons of wastage. You give a Department £6-billion extra every year and they just wont know what to do with it.

Plus, if you're talking about saving 5% on wastage alone, with an annual budget of £109-Billion a 5% saving on wastage, or trim, is allot of money.
There is plenty of money to pay for this. We just have to stop squandering money eleswhere.
If public spending was taken under control then all of the above are erfectly fundable. The irony is that the same thing aplies to the economy as a whole.

To be frank, Brown has a habit of promissing lots and delivering little but the significant part of this is that he could force the Conservatives to commit to keeping these projects alive.
jimmys_best_mate said:
I'll believe it when I see it.

Which I'm fairly sure I won't.
As I said above, the interesting bit is if Brown manages to make Cameron commit to the spending.
That said, even if Cameron promises the same its just a politicians promise and therfor worthless.
Fcuk me, this governing lark is easier than I thought. It appears that you simply make it up as you go along. As Yosser used to say: 'I could do that!'
Well, well! After almost thirteen years the oaf, noting that a General Election is approaching, agrees to spend some money on the Armed Forces.

I wonder if this money will actually be forthcoming - I am sceptical as it will probably be declared a 'saving'.


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Not so odd, considering, as noted above, where these two beasts will be made. Labour is concentrating on its core vote, and bugger the rest of us. A fine example was revealed yesterday - Their "Strategic Investment Fund" to prop up struggling industries was announced last year. According to the News of the World yesterday,96% of the £521.5 million so far spent by the fund has gone to companies in Labour held constituencies, with LibDem constituencies getting the remaining 4%.

Now if that's not a blatant example of vote buying, I don't know what is!

The rule of thumb with Gordon is - if his lips are moving, he's lying. Or chewing a bogie.
If Brown loses the Scottish electorate he knows he is sunk because it's the Scottish vote that has provided Labour's majority. He certainly isn't worried about the Armed Forces vote, it's too small and too spread out round the country.
His thinking though, epitomises all that is wrong with Defence spending under Labour. We don't get what we need to fit in with our current operational requirements neither do we get a cohesive lead into a well balanced, specific-to-task Armed Forces we get major projects that satisfy a few constituency voters and that require the Armed Forces to adapt their role to fit in with those major projects.
Perhaps Brown now believes defence spending is in the public eye and a big vote winner.
As for where he money comes from, it doesn't seem to worry him much with everything else he spends it on. If he thinks it will win him some votes he'll just have the Bank of England run an extra night shift at the printing presses.
Personally I believe we need a strong RN and RAF, long beyond Afghanistan. If Brown thinks it helps his chances come the election so be it. Defence is now on the electoral agenda and that can't be a bad thing.


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He's certainly set the standard hasn't he? Now all the Conservatives have to do is choke off and throttle companies and people in Labour constituencies when they get into power, and when peopel p!ss and moan, say "Well Gordon started it!"

Gordon truly is the best thing to happen to the Labour party. Not only will he see them out of power, but he's going to stay on, and thus keep them out of power.

As for ring-fencing the MOD budget, well, it's not so hard if a: you've slashed it anyway over 12 years and b: if your setting up an incoming opposition government to pick up the tab, or look like the bad guys.

Anyone note the comments from Clare Short regarding the war in Iraq and Brown? She said that when he visited her, she would warble on about IRaq and the injustice of going to war, and all Gordon could talk about was whether Tone had it in for him - the cnut didn't care one jot about British troops being sent to war, he only cared out his jockeying for government position. It's no different to his views on the entire country - he doesn't actually give a toss about it, so long as he's in power. He cares not whether he's in charge of a superpower with global influence, or an economic basket case, JUST so long as he's at the top.
Don't take this as a party political statement but the tories did similar when in power. In fact, under Thatcher, they actively shut down industry in Labour strongholds and moved the business to marginals and Conservative areas.

All part of what the Romans did for everybody really. Politics is an ancient game.
This is actually a master stroke by Gordon.

He knows defence is an Achilles heel, its easy to attack him on the issue, everything from helicopters to the Gurkhas to dodgy handwriting so making a big play on this goes some way to addressing this in the minds of those who don't actually know anything about defence issues, i.e. the electorate

It puts David Cameron on the back foot because he has ring fenced health and overseas development but not defence, with George's comments a while ago about looking into CVF and A400 contracts it makes it looks like the Tories are soft on defence and labour, not

The obvious buying voters angle in Scotland and other places where BAe operate

He thinks it will get support in the military and ex military community which is not a massive electorate but not small either

Its playing politics with service personnels lives but show me a politician who won't stoop to that level and I will find you a flying pig

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