Brown chats to congress

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by conco, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Please who the hell let broon speak in the US congress? Yes it is an honour, but please! If Blair was a poodle what is broon a Scottie dog?
    just watching it now and had to turn off!!!!! I was close to a bucket!
  2. Agreed entirely with 'conco' he was and is spew-worthy.

    I'm glad the Americans appear to be on our side in military matters, but by golly they are thick!

    They thought that Bliar was worthy of a special medal.

    Now, some American organisation has voted Brown as 'World Statesman of the Year'! This MUST be a wind-up! I have an incontinent cat more worthy of such an award.
  3. Gordon Brown never had much luck with socks.......

    Gordon Brown in sock buying frenzy

    ."..... the Prime Minister recently splashed out almost £300 on a bulk order of socks: the thick, ribbed, long, comfy type, to cushion your soles from days spent standing up.

    Last month he bought 20 pairs of "Navy Sea Island" cotton tootsy warmers, at £14 a set, from the outfitters Charles Tyrwhitt. All in his preferred jet black.

    Rather than visit its Jermyn Street store or send a minion, Gordon shopped online and got the consignment delivered to his Scottish home in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

    He has done so every six months or so for the past two years, because he "loses his socks very quickly"..........."
  4. Now come on chaps. We have a history of sartorial gaffes. Who can forget what Christopher Mayer described as Blair's "Balls-achingly tight jeans" at Camp David?

    I'm sure Camp David appreciated them too!
  5. Watched it all..have to admit..image change very very good, suit/tie..very the U.S. Presidents style) dare I say a Brown 'nose' job(two birds or three ..??..with one stone..??..or am I a racist.. :? )..but the speech of a very verydesparate man..those of you that can, apply for shotgun licences, make room in your cellars/hovels for the stocking of provisions..two years from now you might need them.. :roll:
  6. "because he "loses his socks very quickly"

    I see a Blackadder sketch cumming up.
  7. Maybe he wears a truss.... that might account for that quivering chin movement of his.... Wearing a truss for 12 or more hours a day to lift and separate the old family jewels can be tiring..... :oops: :oops: :?