Brown calls Murdoch over Sun treatment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Track_Link, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. I do think the Sun have been utter throbbers this week (same as every week actually)

    But stop dribbling Brown and Man the Fuck up. Tw@t.

  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'The prime minister’s decision to phone the News Corp chairman on Tuesday night reflects growing concern on both sides about the rapid deterioration in relations between the government and the Murdoch media empire.'

    good to see he's got a firm grip on his priorities then... cnut.

    assuming of course, that priority is 'please dont make me a look an (even bigger) twát than I already do'.
  3. The government is 'handling' the Afghanistan war? News to me - shirking all responsibility for it is more like it.

    Nothing hurts so much as the truth Brown - you are reaping what you sowed, but it is soldiers who are being killed. You are merely reading and hearing the truth about your abysmal record in government since May 1997.

    Resignation might help you - hand in hand with a General Election of course!
  4. The Telegraph had an interesting article about how Brown was happy to 'use' the Sun to denigrate John Major and any subsequent competition. Morals about riding the tiger...
  5. Oh dear, is Gordon throwing his teddies out of the pram?

    Never start a pissing match with Murdoch.
  6. You live by the sword, you die by the sword Brown you fcuking turd. Everyone slates the Sun but at least they are forcing the issue about the state of this Government's financing (or parts lack of) of the war in Afghanistan. Rather the Sun than the pious rag for cnuts, the Daily Mirror.
  7. Forbes 2009 most powerful people list ... Gordo is only 28th, Murdoch is 7th :twisted:

    Telegraph Linky

    Edited to say.. he's already slipping as it's now changed to 29th
  8. Was it Randolph Hearst who said "Never pick a fight with a man who buys his ink by the barrel."? :twisted:
  9. All he has to do is promise to hobble the BBC and allow BSKYB to take a controlling share of ITV and bobs your uncle, we have a broadcast media that is modelled on the good old US of A. (just google glenn beck or billy o'reilly to see what we would be in for).

    Oh wait a minute, thats what David and George did!
  10. Ah right. That will make it all better then

    Did he apologise for this little display at the Labour party conference?

  11. Well, I notice that the mendacious Alastair is a regular on the BBC now (don't the BBC ever learn), and, with Lord Rumba as Minister of Misinformation, they obviously thought that they had the media sewn up. It must irk them that the dirty dingo has turned against them and there is someone out there that they can't control.

  12. I hope they recycled that!
  13. Fair enough, Glenn Beck is a bit of a fruitcake but I don't get why Bill O'Reilly is labelled as some sort of rabid reactionary extremist? He always comes across as a fair-minded sort of bloke to me, who just wears his colurs on his chest.
  14. I sense spin-doctors milking this, as they detect a bit of public sympathy from Brown. They dont want to let it fade away just yet!!
  15. I'm sorry, what is this "sympathy" you humans speak of? :twisted: