Brown calling an early election?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jagman, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. Bring it on.
  2. Excellent..
  3. How can he be calling an "early" election when it will be at least 3yrs overdue?
  4. I'd wager it's more a case of panic because he needs to keep the country afloat until the election and it's becoming increasingly difficult.

    By the way, does anyone know any Labour supporters? I meet Conservative, Lib Dem and even Green supporters every day - but I don't know of a single person who admits to voting Labour. Which is a real shame, because I'd relish the opportunity to educate them.
  5. Deltadog, only the usual ashie, whet/sven and parapauk - they are the only ones I have come across recently. Im surprised at how openly Brown and his henchmen are hated from conversations in the workplace.
  6. Labour seem almost universally despised and I literally can't think of a single person (other than the faithful few on here) who would admit to voting for them.

    I can't understand quite how they are picking up such a high number of votes. Do YouGov publish demographics?
  7. Not many people would admit to being peadophiles either, but there are still thousands of the scumbags(and that's just in the Catholic Church). :roll:

    I've said it before but it bears repeating in light of the wildly optomistic posts of some ARRSEr's: the next general election is very far from a done deal. There are millions of people who have a vested interest in Labour retaining power. Add corruption/vote rigging and Call Me Dave's seeming determination to brass up both feet and it is by no means certain that the Tories will win a majority.

    A hung parliament is possible, even likely. Or, God help us, Labour could scrape back in for another five years(in which case, the line for the Mess Webley starts behind me :evil: ).

    If anyone thinks I'm being pessimistic, remember that over 20 MILLION people in this country watch the X Factor; if that does'nt shake your faith in Democracy, nothing will. 8O
  8. That's alright then, but who the hell do people vote for?
    More of the same from 'call me dave' with his soundbite policies, or don't bother voting, with the inherrent risk of being not allowed to critiscise the new government as 'you never got of your arrse.
    I truly believe that the public sector, welfare dependants and immigrants will help to sway the vote for labour.
    I would love to go on a protest and get arrested like those 900 protesters in Copenhagen, who got caged for thought crimes, unfortunatley, after work I have to take my dog for a walk, have a shower, then have my tea.
    I'm a bit henpecked :oops:
    Perhaps if I was one of 'the great unwashed' I could have time to plan my weeks ahead, and work my expenses around my goverment Giro
  9. As the previous learned gentlemen have stated, there are a significant amount of people in the UK who would benefit directly if Labour were to retain power.

    Think on how many are employed by the government......vested interest.

    Those who are proffesional unemployed..............vested interest.

    grateful Immigrants....etc

    You could in all honesty meet not a single Labour supporter in your day to day life, but the bastards are out there.....most of the North will vote Labour just on some God begotten principle.

    All I can say is, if they get back in....Britain deserves everything that is coming to it.
  10. I wont be voting for "callmedave", just the best candidate for my constituency, after all its all any voter can do.
  11. Delta, pop over to your local library and have a chat with some of the people working there.......
  12. It's not just a 'significant amount'. It's now a majority of the adult population. IIRC 53% of adults now derive their income from the government, either because they work for the government or because they are welfare dependent.

    I was always of the opinion that Labour would go for a general election at the same time as the local election. It would save money on campaigning and they're nearly bankrupt.

    Thinking about it though, Gordon won't give a toss about the local elections. The Queen will have his seals of office back and Dave will send round a complimentary Pickfords van the day after the general election. I dare say President Obama will get his phone number changed too.

    I have heard rumours that all leave at Labour HQ has been cancelled for next January, February and March.

    There are also wild rumours circulating of a loss of credit rating, onset of hyperinflation and sovereign default next year. In a nutshell, a lot of people think New Labour's doing an Enron and hiding the true state of the economy.

    I'm sure Gordon wouldn't want calling in the IMF to be his last act as PM before an election so maybe he'll call it early.
  13. Now I have seen a few papers putting out articles in the form of what has been chatted about on ARRSE a few times......namely the Scorched Earth policy.

    The resident government can see whats coming, most obviously because they have caused a great deal of it.

    So they are actively putting in place policies, labour friendly persons in certain positions and passing all kinds of manner of rules and regulations in what can only be descibed as an almighty strop.....just to screw over who is in next, and basically bollocks to the UK.

    This melds into my thinking over the past dozen years, discussing such jaw dropping stories with my family and friends that emerged in a " you couldn't screw Britain up better if you tried to " kind of way.

    When you find out about the dirty little deals to stitch the UK up with the Europe and the mass imigration on purpose scenario.......would you really put it past Labour to throw a hissy fit and damn us all?
  14. Thats the way to go, Tories will win this one, the election after that, I think you will start to see a move away from the big parties with an increase in Independant MP's/smaller parties.