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Brown Broke Pledge to Bring 1000 Troops Home for Christmas

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. Story Here

    Should we be in the least bit surprised?

    The one eyed pension thief was more concerned about getting one over on the Tories during their conference than he was about bringing troops home.

    The backdrop to the photo on the above page speaks volumes about how this government try to manipulate the media.
  2. Haven't we visited this quite some time ago, and concluded that over half of the 1,000 home by Christmas were actually troops still in the UK who had their deployment cancelled/deferred?

    Good to see a blogger taking the opportunity to manipulate the figures once more to generate a 'new' story. :x
  3. This comes has no surprise. This was complete spin from start to end. All in a poor attempt to show up the Tories during their Party Conference day on defence and security.
  4. As you say the topic may have been covered before, but is it not cynical to suggest you are bringing troops home only to count within the figure troops that never actually deployed in the first place?

    Why not simply say 'we are bringing 500 troops home for Xmas'?

    As I mentioned in the original post the original announcement was nothing more than a points scoring exercise.
  5. Question is, a point scoring exercise for you or for Brown?
  6. Nothing new there then.
  7. Of course he did, he'd broken it before christmas by manipulating the figures.
  8. Does thsi really shock anyone? Politicians are lying cnuts and say anything you want to hear if it gets you off their backs for a day atleast
  9. Just checking for an ursine defecation grid ref...
  10. I'm fairly confident none of the lads who didn't deploy thought "That bastard Brown, not sending me to Iraq. If he meant it he'd have sent the battalion to Basra, then had us all get back on the deathstar and come back.."
  11. Are we really surprised. The next big promise will not be until the next party conference season. It will also be full of lies.
  12. The PM has demonstrated on many occasions that he cares little for HM Armed Forces and surely has little understanding of them and their workings. It is little surprise that he uses catchy numbers to try and fool the public into believing something that isn't wholly accurate.

    On the otherhand, the blogger also probably cares little for HM Armed Forces and probably also has little understanding of them and their workings. And, again, no surprise that he also uses catchy numbers to try and fool the public into believing something that isn't wholly accurate.

    So, blogger is really nothing more than a clone of the PM when it comes to offering accurate and useful information. :x

    And then we have you, who should know better, deciding to repeat this inaccurate and useless data.