Brown boycotts Olympics & meets Dalai Lama, China meets SNP

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Browns famed diary ‘scheduling problems’ have now run to the no doubt surprise request that he attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic games.

    He has also very prudently decided to meet the Dali Lama in front of the Worlds press in the next couple of weeks. These actions are widely seen in China as a calculated insult of grotesque dimensions from the old oppressor.

    An influential web site which is close to the decision making process in Beijing has mooted the following scenario; that China should meet the SNP and see if, should Scotland become independent, that a major series of economic treaties could be signed. They are aware that the SNPs economic plan leaves much to be desired for a standalone State, however entering into a free trade agreement like New Zealand has this week with China would guarantee Scotland’s economic stability for the next hundred years.

    China would move plenty of factories and jobs into Scotland, Chinese money would be available in endless streams to develop wave & wind power should the SNP want to go non Nuclear. China would assist in building real International Airports (on time and on budget).....

    Just how far would Alex Salmond go for Independance?
  2. all the way baby!
  3. Tinfoil hat alert! My Wah-o-matic 5000tm is twitching. Seems to be some standard issue anti-SNP bollocks that whoever wrote it is trying to hang on the back of the PRC's current lack of popular appeal.

    Endless streams of Chinese capital are magically going to invest themselves in generating technology which isn't yet state of the art, let alone profitable? Hello??? Who are these Chinese investors, because I've got a bridge they might be interested in....... :wink:

    Such a trade agreement sounds spiffy but would probably cause some dummys to be spat out in Brussels/Strasbourg/Whereverthefuckelsethebarstewardsmeet. I think membership of the EU would be more important to an independent Scotland than a partial bilateral trade agreement with China.

    Economic stability guaranteed for 100 years???? I'll have pint of whatever they're drinking please, it must be strong stuff! 8O Most governments at the moment count themselves lucky if they predict whats going to happen next week correctly, never mind next century.

    Taking your first point last, I heard on R4 that Cyclops was only attending the closing ceremony and not the opening, as to attend both would "be a waste of tax-payers money"!!!!!!!! Laugh? I nearly shat. :roll:
  4. Now't against Jocks most of my best mates during my service where Jocks.
    Scotland must do what is right for Scotland.
    Was it not the Jock who where the main movers behind Hong Kong.
    So plenty of expireance, think they wil know well how to handle The Chinese Communists.
    Chinese Communist now thats an oxymoran.
    I fink.
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    You on the lash, jon? :D

    If Brown thinks he is the master of the putdown, he really had better wake up as the Chinese will get him back for this rather ham fisted slight.

    As to the SNP meeting Chinese officials, I don't read a lot into it. Any and all countries will be having discussions with China because economically it is v prudent to do so (unless you're like Brown and are happy to piss them off for a v small political gain).

    AJ - you got the link to the web site you mention? I'd like to have a look.
  6. The Jade Dream's about as studiously apolitical as you can get, but even she's getting pissed off at UK for the ham-fisted way this clown is handling things. I can only imagine what's happening with people in China who're getting a stream of nationalist propaganda blasted at them all day.

    Bollocks, they should go for it. You can't insist that the DL's a spiritual leader only, then treat him as if he's got some temporal standing without people making assumptions. Sauce for the goose, and all that.

    If Beijing wants billions to go to Scotland, they'll go. Ultimately, the biggest investor in PRC is PRC - command economy, and all that. I doubt they're getting that much direct return from Sudan, but it's the indirect return of achieving their political aims they're after. Ultimately, it would be the EU angle that decided if Salmond bit.
  7. How the hell can anyone expect the Cyclops to understand something like the old oppressor,acording to the labour government history only started in 1990, nothing happened before that except for some heavy handed worker oppression and the creation of the sponger, sorry welfare state. ( this has got to be right look at the history sylabus in schools)
  8. Just heard on the news that the Chinese Embassy in London is claiming that they knew 'all along' that he wasn't going to the opening. A vague bell tells me Xinhua said the opposite a few days back? I wonder exactly whose face their trying to save, theirs or the one with the dangly jaw?
  9. I thought it said that Brown was 'always going to attend the Closing Ceremony', which is not quite the same.

    He could have attended both, and what is the point of attending when the Games are finished - apart from political face-saving. Mind you, the Chinese would understand that...........
  10. I believe the PRC is probably showing a healthy profit given most of the current agreements were made long before the oil price hit $100 a barrel; the only reason the PRC is in Africa is to secure access to raw materials, oil being the primary objective. Anything else is PR snow, laudable though the side-benefits may be.
  11. Last I hear Downing Street were trying to spin it as "Oh well of course it's not a boycott of the Chinese or the Games, he just wont be there" or similar bollocks. Once again Brown showing that decisive edge of his.
  12. I agree entirely and probably made my point poorly, on reflection. They are not getting much direct return on the money they're investing in the individual projects, but what they are getting is 'guangxi' - a mutual interconnectedness of interests that results in access to raw materials by return. The resources are an indirect benefit of the aid, if you will.

    They're trying, amongst other things, to promote an alternative method of development that has a different set of strings attached than the western structural adjustment model. By their reckoning, if they create a set of conditions then a local solution will be found by the locals, rather than being imposed from without. It's a model that has been tried in skeleton fashion and with varying degrees of success within China. The lack of political interference makes it pretty popular outside the country and not just in tinpot African dictatorships, either.
  13. You're not wrong there; given the choice between a package from the World Bank/IMF with all the rather discredited monetarist Freidmanesque bollocks attached or a package with no strings attached, political or ideological(as far as I can see anyway) it's a no brainer for even the most inbred african despot.

    If Mr. tinpot decides to try and improve his peoples' lot in life, he has the freedom to pick the best option for local economic conditions, rather than being forced to pick some bizarre first-world solution parachuted in by that idiot Paul Wolfewitz(is he still in his job, or did he get fired?). Or if he wants to milk it and divert wads of cash to his secret accounts at the Bank of Ethel, he can do so at his leisure. The fact that the PRC is much more pragmatic than we are when it comes to flogging arms is a side-benefit; all those electric cattle prods will come in handy for crowd control. :wink: