brown boots?

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  1. Anyone know when the new brown boots are coming into to service?? Since my black alt bergs are in shit state and im needing some new ones pretty soon, but i dont fancy folking out on a new black pair just yet since these new boots might fit my mahoosive feet better??

    cheers!!!!! ss
  2. You won't see them on general issue for around a year. They've even ran out of PCS.

    Thank ****.
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  3. if your desperate for the new brown style boots - check out the altberg website...

    not actually brown....more a green / brown mix. khaki?

    look gopping.
  4. yeah iv been on the alt berg site and seen them, also seen them in john bulls on my trips up north, but i dont wanna be the first bloke in battalion to get some and get ripped by everyone, i want somone cooler/harder to get them first.
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  5. From the eBay link above, trial boots.

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  6. They are the same colour as my shits... :/
  7. they look like green desert boots, fook using them on exercise
  8. Who gives a **** what they look like as long as they are comfy, they fit and are robust enough to do the job.

    I'm sure Westpoint will like them! ;-)
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  9. They'll never be accepted if they are!
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  10. Karrimor ? Oh no. 30 years ago their stuff was Ok but its got steadily cheaper and nastier with every passing year.
  11. Certain equipment I agree. The issue Daysack is really cheaply made, mine is falling apart. Their boot have been good i.e. KSBs
  12. karrimong, fook that i didnt even take my issused bag sack one on tour cuss i didnt wanna look like the remfs in bastion untill i got treated to carrying ecm which is also made by karrimor, also there boots are turd
  13. Got a point there :)