brown boots?

Anyone know when the new brown boots are coming into to service?? Since my black alt bergs are in shit state and im needing some new ones pretty soon, but i dont fancy folking out on a new black pair just yet since these new boots might fit my mahoosive feet better??

cheers!!!!! ss
if your desperate for the new brown style boots - check out the altberg website...

not actually brown....more a green / brown mix. khaki?

look gopping.
yeah iv been on the alt berg site and seen them, also seen them in john bulls on my trips up north, but i dont wanna be the first bloke in battalion to get some and get ripped by everyone, i want somone cooler/harder to get them first.
Who gives a **** what they look like as long as they are comfy, they fit and are robust enough to do the job.

I'm sure Westpoint will like them! ;-)
karrimong, fook that i didnt even take my issused bag sack one on tour cuss i didnt wanna look like the remfs in bastion untill i got treated to carrying ecm which is also made by karrimor, also there boots are turd
They'll look wierd with puttees.
I think I am right in saying several manufacturers were approached to produce "brown" boots for trials, Karrimor being just one. I have a pair of "brown" Altbergs at home that I was given by a chappie I know who is still in. These were issued to his mob for trials. I believe Lowa was also asked to submit a design as well.
Here we go again...

Issue of new boots will begin this year.

They are a colour called "sepia" which is indeed baby shit brown/green.

They may "look like desert boots" but unless you can see the liner from the photos can you tell if they're Goretex lined or not?

For every environment - temperate, arctic, cold wet (think Falklands), desert etc - there will be two boots: a field boot and a patrol boot. The field boot will be more robust/supportive, the patrol boot will be lighter and generally for use in camp/on PT etc.

For each type there will be a choice of two boots. As an example, if you're getting the temperate issue you will have a choice of (purely for example, I don't know yet) a Meindl or Karrimor for the field boot and a Lowa or Altberg for the patrol boot. There will be a choice of two for every boot.

And because they're all the same colour you can mix. If it's hot in the UK and you have the desert issue boots you can wear them.

I'd wait to see the issue before rushing out to buy any boots.
It will be interesting to see what colour the boots turn after they've tabbed through a few peat bogs. At least leather boots - black or brown - always polish back to their original colour. I can forsee a few RSMs getting miffed at multi-coloured boots on parade. I guess you'll at least have definitive proof of who tabs and who stacks blankets...

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