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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by gorilla, Jul 22, 2013.

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  1. Just got a pair of MOD brown altbergs, anyone know what shade of brown polish to use?
  2. As the other chap said - leder gris is recommended by Altberg. Whatever you do don't use Kiwi Dark Tan - you'll turn your boots an interesting shade of purple if you do!
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    Can you bull them?
  4. Why would you want to?
  5. dazzle the taliban while hiding in a bush.
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  6. no. And you'll ruin the breathability of the leather if you do.
  7. Did the promise of a choice of boots ever come to fruition or is it a case of take whatever the storeman throws at you ?
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    We were sized up for them months ago and still nothing. Yet I bet I see the clothing storeman cutting about it a pair ... the fat ****.
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  9. I ended up buying my own in the end due to having unnaturally wide feet and only Altberg have ever fitted properly! Cant complain, my last pair lasted 5 years.
  10. In theory there is a choice in all styles. For High Liability the choice is between Altberg Defender and Haix Scout. In some units the choice is made by individual soldiers but in other units its made higher up.
  11. Don't buy em - go to Dr, explain issued boots are destroying feet - Dr agrees (or not) issues magic chit - altberg make boots that fit - Army pays bill.

    ofc, the new range of boots should alleviate that, in theory.
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  12. Some of the choices are Altberg
  13. Got my issue brown boots this week, in the box was a tube of brown 'polish', comes in a bottle with the sponge thing on the end. You know, the way civvies 'polish' their shoes. Probably not going to shine very well so I wonder how long before RSMs start demanding we get some real polish on there?
  14. Dont polishem - they turn purple. Use Altberg Ledergris or Grangers G wax.