Brown blocks peerage for army chief Sir Richard Dannatt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. From The Sunday Times
    April 11, 2010
    Gordon Brown blocks peerage for army chief Sir Richard Dannatt

    Ex-army chief General Sir Richard Dannatt
    Marie Woolf, Whitehall Editor
    THE prime minister has blocked an attempt by David Cameron to make Sir Richard Dannatt, the former head of the army, a Tory peer.

    The move will widely be seen as pay-back for criticisms Dannatt made of government policy while a serving officer. Brown was also furious that Dannatt took a job advising the Conservatives on defence last year while technically still a member of the army, which bans political activity.

    Cameron announced last year that he planned to nominate Dannatt for the Lords “so he could serve in a future Conservative government”. The move, less than a year after Dannatt had retired, provoked criticism from senior military figures and within Whitehall. They warned it could threaten the political impartiality of the military and set a precedent.
  2. Yet more proof that the man is motivated by spite and greed. How dare somebody undermine his awesome power?
  3. Hopefully in 25 days he will be an irrelevance and the UK can work its way back to prosperity and policy dictated by long-term benefit, not some Communist idiot's ego and flights-of-fancy.
  4. What else could anyone expect from this one eyed,single brain celled,spiteful, porridge wog! The Cycolptic one has shown himself to be just as most thought him to be,unfit for any office including bog cleaner!
  5. This is amazing...."Sir" Alan Sugar(W**k*R) is a Lord,(God help us)...."Gorballs Mick" is a Lord...and Brown will probably make Hoon and Byers Lords too!
    What the Fcuk is the criteria for becoming a Lord?
    It seems that Gordon will only give peerages to his mates,but General Dannatt is so well loved by his troops and speaks his mind that Good old Gordon wont give him the peerage he so richly deserves.
    The whole system sucks,guys!
  6. John Gummer Ruth Kelly John Read and Prescott are to be elevated to the Peerage for their loyalty to the Labour Party rather than to any tangible benefit rendered to the British Public. Dannatt will be not appear on the list presented to Her Majesty for the venal fault of his loyalty to his soldiers above that of the Labour Party.

    It is not necessary for Sir Richard to enter the Lords to contribute to any debate. His voice will carry more weight within their Lordships house among those who seek his advice than any Prime Ministerial Appointee to the place.
  7. He also offered a peerage to Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor. A church leader that has said atheism is the worst crime anyone can commit, atheists are sub-human and has protected a paedophile from prosecution. The only reason he is not in the house of lords is that the pope forbade it. FGS Gordon, your judgement is appalling.
  8. Brown by name and brown by nature. the piece of....
  9. Pure petty spite.
    Not exactly confidence inspiring leadership material.
    However the Lords/Upper House has been crammed full of Nu Labor cronies
    to make it vital for root & branch reform to an elected chamber.
    No more political cronies of either hew.
    Ennoblement could continue but no longer adding political fodder to a compromised institution.
  10. I always thought that a peerage for the CGS was always a given and that the government of the day would simply put his name on the list for HM to sign off on, (as a reward for service).

    I am therefore surprised to find that the Conservatives had recommended him for a peerage.

    I am equally surprised that brown has ignored the recommendation from the Conservative bench. I thought it was understood that the PM would always accept the recommendations for peerage from the opposition bench.

    Gordo's decision just looks plain spiteful in light of what has gone on, however this is not the event that will get the electorate behind Cameron or the other one (I want to say Clegg, but am not sure).

    If you look over your right shoulder, you'll see my naievity (sp?) leaving by the nearest exit!
  11. His opinion will still be heard and possibly more so thanks to this... Another labour own goal?

    Sir Richard Dannatt restored the faith of thousands in the possibility of a member of top brass actually giving a sh1t about the rank and file. That kind of decency and integrity wont go unrewarded, no matter how many hurdles this government of bent leftys put in his way.

    If only top NHS quango's, Chief Constables, The current CGS, local and national politicians followed his lead this country would be a better place to live and work.
  12. Shouldn't surprise anyone.
    The ar$eholes he promoted on the list, reads like a who's who of the spinally challenged.
    Anyone who stands up to that fat pillock, or dares to offer a glimpse of the world outside the bubble, generally gets some snidey, spiteful stab from him.
    Probably tagging my IP now, and muttering “I'll fix your wagon pilgrim”.

    It is a childish, hateful move by a childish, hateful fat arrogant git...but Sir Richard (top man...gawd bless 'im) is retiring as a fcuking General, and the Tories are creaming themselves at having him on the books.
    They'll probably sort him out when they're in power.
    And even if they don't. I don't think Sir Richard (top man...gawd bless 'im) is going to be shopping at Chavda, or Iceland because he's short of a few beer tokens.
  13. I thought he was a Tesco's man :D
  14. You forgot ENVY and MALICE.

    The House of Lords, ruined after centuries by the idiot Blair, will, hopefully, be reformed by an incoming government. The detritus such as Sugar, Uddin, Birt, Martin, Foulkes and dozens of other utter rubbish nominated by Blair, will be ditched for good.

    The 'MPs' Expenses' scandal has allowed this unelected gang of ne'er do wells and third rate 'New' Labour lackeys to escape a close scrutiny.

    A Military Cross or a modern day Life Peerage - no brainer in my opinion.