Brown bess bayonet

Can any one help me out please. I'm looking at bidding on a couple of Brown bess bayonets tomorrow. Unfortunatly I won't be able to attend in person. How much do they usually go for. both in good condition. Their are also two what I would say are BB bayonets but with a different fitting with a screw clamp on the side. Poss modified at a later date.
Got em! six of them. going to collect friday. Only wanted 1! Know what you mean about swedish/dainish Monsieu R as I was boning up on them whilst apearing attentive whilst earning my keep. Heyho Will try and post some pics at the weekend (must learn how to do that).
Top auction house. Got a 5gun cabinet with lockable top shelf there last month for £45. Keys still in plastic bag and cabinet still in the box.
As Bob Dylan said "Carn't help it if I'm lucky". All I need now is the Brown Bess.....
If you do have some Scandawegian bayos in your stash. Do you mind looking if you have one of these?

It's a bayonet for the Danish/Norwegian 1774 rifle.

Approx dimensions:

OAL: 515mm Blade: 390mm Socket length: 90mm Socket diameter: 22.5mm
Sorry Croque Monsieu don't think I have a danish/Norwegian in the hoard. Three Brown bess bayonets. One marked Osborne, one Makin and I think an early one very rusty and not cleaned up. The other 3 I think are french.Two are marked with an S with a star or a crown above in a shield style stamp with 15 stamped above. one has N on the part joining the shaft to the socket Two have what I think are armory marks?. Socket 67mm long. internal Id 22.5mm. Socket also has a clamp band on it with a screw. blade length 460mm. They might be Enfield bayonets but no British style marks as far as I can see and from pics I have looked at the blade looks French. Stunning workmanship all of them. I will post pics when I have a few mins to spare. Will be keeping one Bbess and one of the others as for the rest?

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