Brown being clawed on R4 now

Rather pleasant listening. R4 obviously heard and have acted on the complaint thye went easy on him last time round.


Took a bit of a kicking on Sky as well.
Claiming black was white & red was no colour.
in_the_cheapseats said:
Rather pleasant listening. R4 obviously heard and have acted on the complaint thye went easy on him last time round.
Ta, tuned in now.
The moron is still claiming to be doing the right thing and listening to the public.....


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I can't put it much better than this comment on the Guy Fawkes Blog:

"Our glorious Leader honestly believes he is out of the shit! He truly believes the opinion polls will soon show him back in the lead over Cameron. He thinks the problem is caused by the press and the press alone. He considers Cameron lightweight and tells everyone that he bashed him around at PMQ's and at his Queen's Speech (rather fitting for him that one...The Queen's Speech!) He believes he will win the Bye Election next week - absolutely positive!

Is he right?

Are we wrong?"

GB is a raving nutcase, totally oblivious to reality, getting more and more like Mr Hilter every day. If Liabour scrape in at Crewe and Nantwich next week, he will hail it as a glorious vindication of his leadership, and sail on regardless - it's all pretty astonishing. He really is on another planet.
Gordon Brown says on Radio 4
Long term decisions ...blah blah....Long term decisions....waffle, Amerka is evil...Long term decisions....blah.. only I am qualified...Long term decisions, Long term decisions, Long term decisions....the Tories, black Wednesday....blah....Long term decisions......Amerika attacks the British poor...blah
This c*cksucker has been in EFFECTIVE control of the UK for over 11 years, just what 'Long term decisions' is he talking about, or is it as I assume a sound bite knocked up by central office to make sound like a 'Statesman'.
Just listened to the lunatic explaining that he understood that people have a problem with the price of food and fuel etc and he was dealing with it.
If he is dealing with it, how come petrol is going up 5 pence a gallon every day here? Why is a loaf of bread 20 pencemore expensive than it was at Christmas, bacon went up 40 pence this week alone.

I'm still waiting? what has the fokker actually done to deal with these issues other than stand there and tell us he is making it all better for us poor working people?
He understands, he is dealing with it, but the prices are still going up.....
He really is a treasonous, lying cnut of the first order.
Darling got a good shoeing yesterday, too (here: )

Can't find today's Today yet, today, on Listen Again.

Labour governments are only as good as the state of the nation that the Tories leave them. Heath left the country in a mess, Callaghan lasted one term. Thatcher and Labour left things (economy-wise) in pretty good shape, having sorted things out after Black Wednesday, it was just the Tory party that fell to bits.

Now the wheels are coming off good style. Every year clinging on to power now is another term in the wilderness. Good job Labour politicians think that history doesn't apply to them.
I switched on to hear the following (ish):

John Humphries: "... and as everyone knows, Gordon Brown has made an endless succession of collossal balls-ups, has no authority in the Party and is widely hated by everyone for his weedy flip-flop political decisions. No Prime Minister in history has ever survived an electoral drubbing of this tumescent, throbbing hugeness. You're going to lose the general election aren't you?"

Broon (from no introduction): "Well, no, you see that's wrong John etc".

JH (throughout): "Nyer-nyer-nyer, liar! Liar! You've got no mates! Etc."

Made me smile.


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I watched a bit of PMQs yesterday on a lunch break. That Scottish git got mauled by everybody except a few of his own party. The best bit:

Cameron "Can the right honorable gentleman answer... Oh look everyone he's grinning again. He's grinning. Can the right honorable gentleman answer the question why has... blah, blah, blah."

Broon (accompanied by the sort of blinking you use in a sand storm) "I, can, I can an..., I, I can..."

Who the hell is he fooling. The ability to answer hostile questions without turning into a stuttering wreck is surely a necessary skill for PMQs. What criteria does Brown Jobs use to measure his success? If he doesn't got foetal and start jibbering he won the round?
Why is he doing the November Queen's speech in May? No other 'announcements' available this week then? I thought a week was a long time in politics let alone six months.
Great leaders throughout history, surround themselves with the best people they can find. People who are good at their jobs, and will challenge the leader if appropriate.

The labour leadership has surrounded itself with yes-men. which means that all the departments are suffering under idiot leaders, but noone will tell comrade brown something he doesn't want to hear.

So it is hardly suprising that he doesn't know what is going on!


Edited for clarity.
he sounded more like a failed alcoholic on the Trisha show, trying to justify kicking seven different shiney bells of shite out of his wife, not our Prime Minister outlining his fiscal policy to lead us away from the upcoming recession and defending his decisions.
Did anyone see him on GMTV this morning at around 0730hrs? The tw*t had the gaul to say that he had the ability to turn this shambles (food, fuel etc) around and 'Thats why the people have voted for me' (or words to that effect)!

If i'm not mistaken we didnt vote him into power, just shows you which planet he lives on. He is doing the usual politician trick of thinking 'if i say it enough, i can convince everyone i'm right' CNUT!!!

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