Brown Badge of Courage...

On my initial marital tour, I passed the brown jumps course and duly received my brown wings. I was then posted to the unattached list, i.e. divorced. I continued to brown jump operationally with a variety of girlfriends and mononocturnal horrors before being finally posted to my current wife-unit.

The Fenian Bride believes that the human arrse is a non-return valve and will not permit me to continue brown jumping. My question is this, can a brown wings-qualified person go on wearing their wings if posted to a non-butt fcuking unit? Or should they remove the BrBC and put up the "puckered ring" or "rusty sheriff's badge" instead?
theoriginalphantom said:
Don't you need a few 'brown jumps' each year to stay qualified?
a common misunderstanding. Whilst a number of jumps is recommended each year, to prevent you getting rusty(hat, coat etc) the actual wings can be worn in perpetuity.

This is not the case for red wings where a specified number of blob drops must be made each year. Again, certain foriegn red wings, such as south african, can be worn in perpetuity, but mostly because you've got aids.
See_You_Next_Tuesday said:
I thought is was a mandatory requirement for girls of the 'left foot persuasion' to take it up the dirt box, along with choirboys etc. Is that yet another myth debunked?
used to be but the good pope banned it because it was becoming a favourate alternative to having 20 ginger haired kids


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Imagine my disappointment upon discovering this thread was not the news that Gordon Brown is to strike his own medals to out-do those pinned on by HRHs. Instead it is devoted to a silly debate about patches awarded to paracuteers for jumping out of brown aeroplanes.

Obviously parachuteers should get one patch for jumping out of aeroplanes. The colour of the aeroplane does not signify. You may now lock this thread.
Upon perm posting to a non BrW operational unit, you will suffer shuck fade. It is imperative that you stay current.

If this cannot be achieved, you must exchange your wings on your shoulder for the one on your sleeve...
You are still allowed to wear the wings, but not draw jump pay. Red wings you need to keep in date, but some such as silver wings or green wings require only one operational jump to qualify.

As I haven't yet done B coy and got the wings up, I speak from the pam only. And thanks to cut backs at my current unit my red wings are out of date as well.

Unfortunatly I can still wear my green wings.
Who gave her the idea that she's allowed to say no???

She gave you right of way the day she said "I DO".

If she still say's no, it's a simple matter of breach of contract and grounds for divorce.

Happy plundering!
mmm...a graded order is required. Brown wings for the first jump, but then perhaps an MiD (Multiple inside Dirtbox) for the next 3 occassions, thereafter additional clasps for every five different jumps completed.

Going in dry (no lube) earns a Purple Bellend
I do my 1.5 mile run in 9.50 so can I join up and get my Brown wings up or do I need to do a course or should I just become a driver or something in the artery.

My mates dad says he was in Para three and Company 14 in the bandit area near Belfast. I don't beleieve him tho, cos when I asked if he had brown wings he told me to off.

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