Brown Apologies for MPs Expense "Mistakes"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chimera, May 11, 2009.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator


    Except that these are not mistakes - these are shamlessley deliberate acts. It is hardly an accident that you change the designation of your "second home" three times in a year (Blears) for example is it? Or perhaps buy a house in Maidstone and then "forget" to live it it (Uddin) etc
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    PS - sorry - had the wrong link on there for a few minutes.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Yes, yes, yes. And I'm sure we are all so convinced by his sincerity.

    Tosser. Now dissolve Parliament and go to the country and let's see how many of the current crop of "honest" parliamentarians get voted back in.
  4. Well that's OK then - why didn't he just say that earlier ??
  5. If he had understood the gravity of the situation and taken this course of action to begin with, it might just have limited the damage which has been caused. Unfortunately (for him), he didn't, and Cameron beat him to it.
  6. He only said "sorry" now because Cameron said it yesterday
  7. Because it is claimed that even on Friday afternoon advice was being taken on the technicalities and wisdom of obtaining an injunction against the Daily Telegraph preventing further details being published.

    Remains to be seen (now the the "S" word has been forced from the vile lips of the Great One) if they are scared enough to try that.
  8. Exactly! That was all that was needed!

    Just like when those smug sanctimonious b@stard bankers (including the admirable Sir Fred Goodwin) all sat in a row before the Parliamentary Select Committee and apologised exactly like their PR handlers has told them to do.

    As soon as they'd done that... Bob's-your-uncle... the economic catastrophe is over, full employment is restored and the streets are filled with the smiling, dancing and above all RICH population!

    (Er.. i think :? 8O )
  9. Is this a mistake as in forgetting to cross a T or is this like an "Oh I tripped and my d1ck fell into her" kind of mistake.

    When will he admit that he is a fcuk wit of the highest authority who should not be trusted to run a branch of McDonalds never mind a country.
  10. Nothing to add, but that was brilliant :D
  11. A simple mistake or a freudian slip showing that he is sorry only for being found out?

    I bet it is the latter. He really is a useless, incompetent ****. Some people just simply aren't suited to lead nations.
  12. Well now we know why it took so long!

    Gordon Brown scuppers secret Labour plan to shield MP expenses

    "Gordon Brown has killed a plan to exempt MPs' expense receipts from disclosure being plotted in secret by his senior lieutenants.

    The Times disclosed today that Sir Stuart Bell, Labour's representative on the committee which runs the Commons, wanted to push through a plan to privatise the 'fees office' because he believed it would shield receipts from the Freedom of Information Act.

    Sir Stuart's plan is understood to have the backing of the Labour whips office who detest the release of expense data. "

    Sir Stuart's plan was described as "barmy and wrongheaded" and based on a misunderstanding of the FOI rules.

    This morning Downing Street made clear it would not happen. This came as Mr Brown today offered a public apology on behalf of MPs of all parties as the row over parliamentary allowances continued to engulf Westminster"
  13. I honestly believe he felt that was the right thing to do. :roll:

    I can only hope that he also believes equally that retiring to the library with the mess webly is also the right thing to do.
  14. You really want to try that one the next time you get done for speeding.

    "Yes, officer. As soon as you made me aware I was breaking the law I took immediate action to bring myself back down within the limit."

    You'll still get fined. We are too soft on politicians.

    Or if you punch someone in the face.

    "Yes officer, I renew my ongoing committed to not punching him in the face again."
  15. That was not an apology.
    The man can't even do that with sincerity.
    Cameron at least made an effort but non of the apologies are good enough. I think we are entitled to some genuine contrition, seeing as they aren't capable of that then they should be made to be sorry.
    They might be sorry if they were sacked or prosecuted for stealing from the public purse but instead they seem to think a hollow sorry is sufficient. If the rest of us behaved that way we would be in jail

    Its just not good enough.