Brown and the Olympics

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Old Cyclops is out of hiding and said he can't wait to welcome home the British Olympic team, fair enough, they've won a few gongs. Maybe soon he'll appear at Lyneham/Headley Court or Selly Oak as quite a few of them won gongs too.
  2. I wouldn't hold your breath!
  3. I know! You never know though with his popularity lower than a daschounds bollocks.
  4. It's nothing to do with TeamGB being our only gold reserve and him wanting to sell it off, then?
  5. Wonder if he can get them for import duty on the medals!

    the fat rubber faced cnut!
  6. You'll be needing one of these then;

  7. The one eyed git is so unpopular he'd attend me opening my bowels if he thought he'd get any Brownie points from it.
  8. Invite him then squat over him!
  9. He and his spineless Govt are utter utter flacid c0cks, and are not fit to lick the latrines of our Boy's and Girl's in sh!ttier Hotter Climbs.

    If won a gold medal Id P!iss on his leg if he came near me....Cnut.
  10. Achmed, only on his leg?
    I wouldn't p1ss on the cnut if he was on fire.
  11. I'd gladly set fire to him so we could put that statement to the test! :evil:

    edited because of mong spelling!
  12. Got peed off at the news yesterday that the French President was off to Afghanistan, as 10 French soldiers had been killed. Gordon Brown doesnt even attend the repatriation ceremony at Lyneham. B'stard
  13. Tony Blair went to China and its not even his show now. Where was Broon? Who knows, who cares!!
  14. He is putting on a big parade for them in London for when they get back from China.
  15. Can you define big? Do you mean the massed bands of The Walthamstow Boy's Brigade,The WI Scone Making Division,WRVS Tapestry Display team,
    and three Cub Scouts waving upside down Union Flags?
    Or is there something better being planned?