Brown and mandy fly the flag...


Might look good from Australia.... Cnuts!


Swamper & the poof don't know how to fly their own countries surprise there then.
Face it. One is near blind and the other thinks mushy peas is guacamole. Bugger all chance of them noticing anything amiss........
.Sven said:
Swamper & the poof ...

OT - That sounds like one of those 1970s American cop shows starring an embittered former detective now working as a PI and his slightly unusual sidekick. Found in the 1400 slot on ITV on a Sunday afternoon...

"This week, Swamper and his trusty sidekick investigate the disappearance of the government's credibility. Is this case to big for even Swamper to crack?"


If the flag was once flown incorrectly to show distress, then they got that right, this country is in distress with that one eyed cnut in power!

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