Brown and Blair will be put on trial, May 1st.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. In full and well worth a read -
  2. I have formally applied for Old Albert P's job.
    No 1 on the Home Office list of approved persons.
    I'll practice on Blur leave him dangling while I polish off Bruin, then having got it right have a couple more attempts with Dear Tone.
    If at first ya don't succeed
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    There's a couple of cracking posts on the Torygraph article.

    Come in Mr Broon, your time is up!
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Well if the Scums stopped backing liarbour then the writing truly is on the wall. The tidy up after they get the boot is going to be painful though, theres a hell of a lot of money to be repayed.
  5. It is very much like the days of the Major "Government", lurching from one crisis to another, and now the wheel's are coming off the economy and the fake boom will end with a lot of people in debt, negative equity or out of work.

    As a vignette of what the UK has become, I made the mistake of daring to travel by train from Scotland on a Sunday through London.

    The train was delayed shortly after leaving Glasgow because of overrunning engineering works from the Saturday night, so we were an hour late pulling into Kings Cross. Shortly before that all the on train crew vanished just south of York so you couldn't get even a cup of tea. But they were "short staffed" anyway. This is dispite paying full fare for a ticket.

    On arrival into London, the tube system was in meltdown - several lines shut and packed to the rafters - again no LUL staff or BTP visible to direct passengers or control the crowds. I was worried that the crowding would get dangerous - again - no staff about.

    Couldn't use my local line due to Engineering works so had to take a very expensive diversion to get home. Oh, and due to the chaos at T5, thousands of travellers were trying to get to their destinations adding to the pressure.

    All this, despite billions poured into the public sector. Where has it all gone? Should have seen some serious improvements by now. I know the system was underinvested in and needs a costly upgrade just to get it to where it should be, but there seems no co-ordination or any central control. Look at what a good job Eurostar have done and compare to elsewhere.

    No one seems to care about the poor taxpayer who simply wants some service and expects a decent return on their tax money after 10 years of paying in.

    The UK is fast becoming a bit of a joke.
  6. It's got to be a joke, if it isnt, its enough to make you take to drink, if you can afford to
  7. This government is finished. There is the stink of death about it, like the John Major government. The sooner the better.
  8. It has mostly been stolen, check this -

    and this -
  9. 'All this, despite billions poured into the public sector. Where has it all gone?'

    Precisely - 28 Billion poured into the railways and no new lines, only a number of well fed consultants. Like Fozzy, I go back and forth to Glasgow and have to go by air. In France or Germany, a relatively short distance such as London-Glasgow would be covered in a few hours by high-speed trains. Airlines no longer fly between Paris and Brussels because they cannot compete with the railways. In UK, the only stretches of new railway currently under construction are enthusiasts rebuilding short stretches of discontinued lines!

    The money poured into the public sector has gone as if it never existed. We are massively in debt and the only answer that Gordon and his glove puppets have is to tax us more. The only saving grace is that the great British public (and, more importantly, the 'chattering classes') have finally twigged that Gordon has conned them - mind you, it took them long enough.
  10. It'll be a long way back to common sense.

    Repeal of the Human Rights Act

    Loggerheads with the EU for doing so.

    Loggerheads again for daring to suggest that free EU migration from Eastern Europe isnt a good thing.

    Closing of many legal loop holes.

    A strong policy towards benefit culture and entrenched laziness and moral apathy in much of the country.

    Not glossing over the fact that there are racial and religious tensions caused by a rights culture and the Ghettoisation of many towns and cities (just google 'white flight')

    Having to lay off many civil servants, local government employees, quangos and hangers on, because they simply soak up tax and do feck all.

    Putting an end to non-degrees at universities leading to non-jobs in local councils and govt departments.

    basically boys and girls we're fcuked for a long time yet.
  11. Wow! When do the show trials start?
  12. There was an interesting, and related article in yesterday's Times Link

    The author speculates that the BNP are set to do very well in the London elections. Although there is no chance of a BNP mayor, the boys in the brown shirts may well gain seats in the assembly.

    As usual, this will be a result of protest votes. Interestingly though, it's likely to be protesting Labour voters rather than right wing Tories reviving the BNP's fortunes after last year's elections when they looked to be dead and buried.

    The Labour party faithful are seeking to punish Gordon for turning their party into an unelectable shambles in the same way as Tories sought to punish Ian Duncan-Smith and Michael Howard.

    In London, the anger is even more pronounced. Armies of diversity consultants, anti-racism think tanks, green energy specialists, bendy bus salesmen and various other parasites clinging to Ken's ship of state are facing the prospect of imminent unemployment.

    This raises the prospect of black lefties voting BNP just to pi$$ Ken off. How times have changed.
  13. If you'll excuse me for being a boring barsteaward, talking about in Thighland where I live. There has never been a case of any serious politician or civil or military servant, receiving a serious punishment for failing to do his job/duty.
    They hold an investigation then it reports years later, usually when Person is no longer in power. A couple of Senior Civil servants, close to retirement, take the rap, and a lose job and pension. Then a couple of years later pension is rstored for their years of faithful service.
    In the Police or military a posting to an Inactive post is given. An inactive post means a task where there is no chance of any form of er 'Commission', being obtainable.
    Something needs to happen to sort out the mess at the top in UK.
    Oh have you tried todays Wednesday,
    Red Ken at his finest, a true classic.
  14. Conservatives think, "I want it, let me earn the money to get it";
    Labour voters think, "I want it, you should pay taxes so I can have it";
    LibDems think,"He wants it, you should pay taxes so he can have it and I can feel good about it".
    BNP voters think,"I want it, and I could have it if only he wasn't black".

    For most of these people, not getting what they want is someone else's fault. That's why BNP supporters tend to come from the ex-Labour ranks, rather than from the right of the Tory party. National Socialist, I think the phrase was.