Brown aims to help world's poor

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 8, 2004.

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  2. This the day after 10,000 job losses in the UK were announced ( for that read 25,000 as supplier firms go to the wall).

    Had enough of this government
  3. If the Anglo-American vicarious (i.e., doing it with the taxpayers' money) pseudo-philanthropists were really serious about alleviating poverty, they would refrain from making loans to the governments of poor countries.

    Foreign government loans provide all sorts of tinpot dictators with the fuel for the local apparatus of bribery and coercion needed to stay in power.

    "[W]hy are so few nations even nominally capitalist? Largely because of America's biggest welfare program: Aid to Dependent Dictators. Since World War II, US foregin aid has systematically subsidized parasitic governing 'elites,' from the nomenclatura of the Warsaw Pact to the kleptocrats of Africa; even the rules of the 'Axis of Evil.'

    "...By subsidizing socialist regimes, Rome-On-The-Potomac prevents the development of competing capitalist centers elsewhere. A tiny expenditure each year to prop up a dictator can prevent the emergence of a multitrillion-dollar economy....

    "...The majority of these anti-capitalist regimes will never to able to, or be interested in, repaying any of this money. The Warsaw Pact alone was estimated to have owed about two hundred billion dollars to Western banks at the time the Berlin Wall fell. Since then, of course, the pace of 'loans' to parasite governments has increased dramatically."

    "Aid To Dependent Dictators" by Bill Walker.
  4. what gets me is these churchmen - to coin a US phase and the Church of England wonders why no ones believes in THEM anymore

    Seriously, if I was dying, wouldn't go to a churchman anymore

    If fact, the w*nker that was my, 'Churchman' was more interested in flyin around in helis, then he was on people probs - that was left up to us

    :evil: :evil: 'Thank you Sir'