Brown admits to being belimic???

just heard on the news that that fat idiot PM has suffered with belimia for years!! Just forgot the throwing up bit evidently!!

Blimey even illness' aren't trendy anymore!

and is there nothing this clown wont do or say to become a 'level human' in britain??


keep up cheggars.

I always thought he should have been a lot thinner with all that verbal diarrhoea (puts dictionary back down!) he used to spout!


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Current Affairs too.

Cheggers, did you mean this Brown ?

Or this one ?
Will Blair admit to being a cnut then ?
Hardly surprising there's some confusion when the pair of them have been making so many others sick for so long.
cheggarsRE said:
yes yes knocker however i like to sleep in cuz i havent gotta get up every hour to empty me bladder!!
i'm old mate it'll happen to you to. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

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